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Wednesday, September 03, 2003:

Mama's got a brand new bag, er, blog

Please check for updates and change any links to my new location, a new and ( hopefully) improved

tamsen yi // 5:34 PM


Saturday, August 30, 2003:

This just in- Foundation of Dogma just not so

A compendium of quotes I enjoyed, from

"The United States is in no sense founded upon the Christian doctrine."
-George Washington

"It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no god.
It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg."
-Thomas Jefferson

"I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church,
by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church."
-Thomas Paine

"I do not find in orthodox Christianity one redeeming feature."
-Thomas Jefferson

"The Bible is not my book, and Christianity is not my religion.
I could never give assent to the long, complicated statements of Christian dogma."
-Abraham Lincoln

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tamsen yi // 6:03 PM


Thursday, August 28, 2003:

Never saw this one coming...right...

Halliburton, the company formerly headed by Vice President Cheney, has won contracts worth more than $1.7 billion out of Operation Iraqi Freedom and stands to make hundreds of millions more dollars under a no-bid contract awarded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, according to newly available documents.

The size and scope of the government contracts awarded to Halliburton in connection with the war in Iraq are significantly greater than previously disclosed and demonstrate the U.S. military’s increasing reliance on for-profit corporations to run its logistical operations. Independent experts estimate that as much as one-third of the monthly $3.9 billion cost of keeping U.S. troops in Iraq is going to independent contractors.

But case you were up in arms about the 'no-bid' verbage- look here, it says:

Daniel Carlson, a spokesman for the Army’s Joint Munitions Command, said Brown and Root had won a competitive bidding process in 2001 to provide a wide range of “contingency” services to the military in the event of the deployment of U.S. troops overseas. He said the contract, known as the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program, or LOGCAP, was designed to free up uniformed personnel for combat duties and did not preclude deals with other contractors.
Carlson said the money earmarked for Brown and Root was an estimate, and could go “up or down” depending on the work performed.

Because why would you ever want to rebid? I know if I'm going to plan a network roll-out, I'm going to give someone 2 years in advance a contract that basically is not locked down and at any time can have fees and expenses applied. Prices never change, right? No one can possibly emerge as competitave and worthy, correct?

Nice to know people in high places, I suppose. Especially if you're former head is second in command to a Bush.

tamsen yi // 5:40 AM


Memory Lane

Food of the 70s

Pop rocks and Tab....MMmmm....

And let's not forget foodstuffs of the 80's.

Malomars and Ovaltine- now that's real comfort food right there.

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tamsen yi // 5:30 AM


Monday, August 25, 2003:

Say "Hello" to...

Cowboy Kahlil!
tamsen yi // 4:10 PM


If you need an effigy to burn-
Well, on sale now, boys and girls

Elite Force Aviator: George W. Bush - U.S. President and Naval Aviator

commentary from the Berkshire Eagle which has some apt barbs:

Those who say irony is dead haven't seen the new action figure of President Bush in the flight suit he wore for his taxpayer-funded campaign commercial on the USS Abraham Lincoln.
The fortunate son of an influential politician, George W. Bush got into the Texas Air National Guard in order to avoid going to Vietnam, and then ducked out on much of his guard service.
Now, front man for corporate interests and chicken hawks spoiling for war, he plays soldier, strutting about in a uniform for the cameras and then going home to leave uniformed soldiers to die daily.
The war did not end as he said it had that day, so here we have an action figure commemorating an event conspicuous for its lack of action, a puppet of a puppet injection-molded in China.

The distributor, K-B Toys of Pittsfield, says Internet sales are brisk, which raises the question of who is buying -- idol-worshippers or people who like their irony rich?

tamsen yi // 3:58 PM


Did the South win when no one was lookiing?

There is a tiresome debate being volleyed right now in Alabama. Yes, ye old
10 Commandments debacle.

The lawsuit on behalf of a Christian talk show host and would name as defendants the eight associate justices who last week overruled Chief Justice Roy Moore and directed that the federal court order be followed, said attorney Jim Zeigler.

Many of the monument supporters spent the night in sleeping bags on a plaza outside the building and nearby steps, and one scaled lattice work on the side of the building and spent the night on a ledge. The unidentified man climbed down after daybreak.

Whenever workers come to remove the monument, supporters of Moore intend to keep it from going anywhere by locking hands and dropping to their knees.

Some of the demonstrators have kept vigil at the courthouse since last week and are committed to staying as long as it takes to make sure the display stays put.

Last I heard, there was a separation of Church and State within our Constitutional charter. Last I read, the South lost their fight over State's rights taking U.S. precedence over Federal laws ( yes, folks, slavery was a by-product of the Civil War, and not one formed in its initial genesis).

If this man, who is Chief Justice, won't obey Federal Law, who should? Obstruction of carrying out a Federal edict, an overruling, if you will, seems a poor expenditure of time, when there certainly are more pressing issues than keeping 2 pieces of stone visible on a Courthouse's steps.

Hey- here's an idea- how about relocating and displaying the tablets elsewhere? Like a Church, say?
tamsen yi // 3:48 PM


A slippery slope

So, I was watching CNN last night, to see a piece on Flash Mobbing, at a Mickey D's, I believe.

Yes, folks, FMs have officially jumped the shark.

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tamsen yi // 3:40 PM


Thursday, August 21, 2003:

New 'Get your War On' out

Doesn't get much better than this.
tamsen yi // 3:19 PM


Never a better time to be out of Phoenix?

Apparently, being in Chicago until the end of the month ( explaining the infrequency of pc is so slow I'm actually getting younger using it) could not have been better planned, it seems...

Gas prices skyrocket in Phoenix because of faulty public works system

At least, hope that's the reason.

I heard that it's getting a bit better. I also heard from one of my best friends that gasoline in Scottsdale was $3.80 yesterday.

Ack...It would be over $50 to fill my tank at that. Asinine.

My empathy goes out to my desert compadres dealing with this!

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tamsen yi // 6:27 AM


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