Archie is a complete live Arch linux system to be run from a cd/usb, built with the KISS philosophy in mind.

Down but not out

Submitted by dtw on Thu, 2006-03-09 17:13.

It's no secret that development on Archie has hit a slow patch. We've not had a new release for a while now but rest assured that the next release will bring some of the best functionality ever and will be right up to date with the latest Arch Linux developments, especially the latest hardware support.

We'll also be shipping with xorg7 and for those of you building custom CDs of your own using Archie the new modular structure should make for a much lighter system.

Once we get the nitty gritty of Archie back up and running I am hoping to knock out a version using the xfce-svn packages maintained by Shadowhand. Light weight and ultra bleeding edge? That's Archie ;)

Hello Distrowatch!

Submitted by dtw on Mon, 2005-12-05 21:43.

I figure the 49 guests currently on the page has a lot to do with the article on distrowatch so I thought I better get in and say a few things. Ziggy, our lead dev, is currently away (I think) otherwise I'm sure he'd have plenty to say!

First of all I'd like to say thank you very much for your interest in Archie :D

Secondly I'd like to emphasize that Archie is heavily under development and there is still a lot left to do. We always need testers to put Archie through its paces on different systems, so please help us by downloading and running a few releases and reporting back on your experiences. You can bookmark our homepage for the latest news and of course all releases will be annouced via distrowatch. Remember you can also visit our wiki and forums for more info and discussion

The Near Future...

Ziggy has also been working on a KDE release of Archie, first downloads should be available very soon, and an e17 version will hopefully follow shortly after.

The 0.6 xfce version, when finished, will also form the basis for the first release of AEGIS, an implementation of Archie for GIS users. Please see the AEGIS homepage for more information.

As you can see there is lots happening here! We are still getting things organized and some of the basics ironed but development is continuing, slowly but surely.

CVS checkout

Submitted by dtw on Thu, 2005-11-17 13:37.

We've now fully set up the Archie CVS repo. Alas we only have on module to work with and that makes things a bit messy.

To check out the whole tree, including PKGBUILDs and the src for acrhie related script you'll need to use:

cvs checkout archie

If you only want to checkout the PKGBUILDs, to build your own pkgs for example, use:

cvs checkout archie/pkgbuilds

If you want veiw the latest version of archie-scripts, stored in /src you can use:

cvs checkout archie/src/archie-scripts

PLEASE NOTE - only use released versions of archie-scripts - use of the scripts from CVS will probably do serious harm.

If you have patches or suggestions for the scripts please let me or ziggy know.

Once you have completed your first checkout of any branch you can update the tree by running the following from the base dir:

cvs update -dP

That's it for now I think.

CVS tree created

Submitted by dtw on Tue, 2005-11-08 17:34.

Today I have made the inital commits to the CVS tree. So far this only includes the PKGBUILDs and other build files. Some of Archie's homegrown src files can now be found here and we will slowly migrate all the Archie src there from UCB to this location.

We should also be adding the archie-scripts src to CVS at some point which hopefully will mean even more useful contributions!

In the meantime you can view the CVS file via ViewCVS here. Checkout details to follow.

Archie 0.6 (Vika) RC2 released

Submitted by z4ziggy on Mon, 2005-11-07 09:29.

Finally RC2 is released. Please update your [archie] repository in pacman.conf to the following:


The RC2 iso is also available for download from here.

Please submit bug reports (or even better - bugs fixed...) with RC2 to the forums.

Soon we will upload all sources and PKGBUILDs to the cvs, which thanks to dibble is now available for Archie too :)

RC3 is already being worked on, and I'll submit it to the CVS so u can all join in with development.

New site for Archie

Submitted by z4ziggy on Thu, 2005-11-03 08:49.

Finally we have set up a new site for Archie, many thanks to Phil (dibblethewrecker) who did all the install and configurations. the new site will also host the [archie] repository - we'll post the link once we complete testings the packages and scripts (hopefully later today). We still use user-contributions forums and wiki, and now is a good time to edit the Archie documentation on the wiki - please feel free to contribute any peace of information you think we neglected on the documentation :)

We hope you enjoy our new home, and watch out for the new RC2 release.

About Archie

Submitted by z4ziggy on Thu, 2005-11-03 08:45.

Archie is a complete live Arch linux system to be run from a cd/usb, built with the KISS philosophy in mind. No packages have been stripped to provide a full Arch linux system, yet deliver fastest performance with no extensive bloating. Archie uses its own hw-detection tool (lshwd) ideally to support a wide range of hardware with low detection time. Archie also provides extended features like multi-lingual, nesting capabilities and hd-install.

The Archie team:

Developer Description www
Elia Yehuda (z4ziggy) Main developer (scripts and programs) Archie
Philip Dillon-Thiselton (dtw) Developer (scripts) and site admin AEGIS
James Rayner (iphitus) Developer (programs) and kernel patchset maintainer iphitus
??? (SG-3) Main tester, documentation
Woody Gilk (Shadowhand) Logo, Graphics and design
Markku (Rasat) Web space and support Amlug