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Kernel 2.6.16 - modularized capability posted by Judd
March 20, 2006
Hey all,

Some people have requested that we move the default linux capability support to a module so that it can be replaced with other capability models.

There's a catch though -- now that the capability stuff is modularized, it needs to be loaded before some daemons can be used (eg, vsftpd). We can help by having the rc.d scripts load the module, but some people will use xinetd for these daemons, so they'll have to manually load the module from somewhere (rc.local would work).

This change will come with the 2.6.16 kernel, so please be aware.

Server Migration Complete! posted by Judd
March 20, 2006
Thanks to everyone's generous donations, Dale was able to purchase a nice shiny Dell server, which is now running on!

I've migrated all our services over, but may have missed a thing or two.... If you notice any weirdness, please let me know (judd@arch).


New Newsletter for March 19th posted by Jason
March 19, 2006
Today marks the day of a new newsletter. Read it and rejoice!


Important glibc change posted by Jgc
March 11, 2006
glibc will no longer contain pre-generated locales. This means users who use something else than the C locale should take some steps when upgrading to the new glibc-2.3.6-2 package.
glibc will try to autodetect the locales needed on your system and enables them in /etc/locale.gen. After this, it will run /usr/sbin/locale-gen.
The glibc package will look in the $LANG variable and in /etc/rc.conf for the LOCALE setting. If you use any other locales than these, edit /etc/locale.gen and run /usr/sbin/locale-gen. This should generate all the locales you need.
The package is uploaded to testing first, if no bugs are reported, it will go into current quite soon.

For users who have been running 2.3.6-1 from testing, this autodetection won't work, as the /etc/locale.gen included in the package is under pacman's backup control and doesn't contain the required lines to support autodetection.

ArchCK in Extra, madwifi-ng in [unstable], ATI drivers renamed. posted by James
March 10, 2006
I have had to rename the ATI drivers a second time. Soon there will be driver packages in the repos for ArchCK as well, and I decided it was best to bite the bullet, and make the ati drivers concordant with this new naming scheme, rather than risk user confusion later on.

The new drivers are known as
ati-fglrx (kernel module for 2.6.15-ARCH)
ati-fglrx-archck (kernel module for 2.6.15-archck)
ati-fglrx-utils (xorg7 stuff and tools)

I have also just moved ArchCK and mkinitramfs to extra. If you wish to use fbsplash, you need to install gensplashutils and initscripts-gensplash from community. They are no longer a dependency of mkinitramfs - you must install them yourself. If you already have them installed, then theres no need to worry.

madwifi-ng has been moved into unstable, as it's releases are based on svn snapshots. Enable the [unstable] repo and pacman -S madwifi-ng, or if you use ArchCK, pacman -S madwifi-ng-archck.

My apologies about the ati-drivers rename but it was needed to prevent user confusion later on down the road. The upgrade path isnt too difficult, and is one you can attempt when you are ready, the current ati-drivers have yet to be removed.

New Newsletter for March 05, 2006 posted by Jason
March 05, 2006
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Donation Drive: We won! posted by Judd
February 28, 2006
Just in case you weren't around for the last few days, we had a donation drive and it totally kicked ass. The community came through in spades, and now we have more than enough to get a fancy-pants new server.

For the curious, here are the specs of the new machine:

2 x 2.8Ghz Xeon
2 x 146GB SCSI

Once again, a huge thank-you to everyone who has helped us out. If you missed the fun and still want to kick in a bit of cash, you can find a Donate button on the Donations page.

Give yourselves a pat on the back, Mr. Community -- you rock.

Important glibc locale change in testing posted by Judd
February 28, 2006
Starting with glibc 2.3.6-1, locales will no longer be included as a pre-generated locale archive. This means that on a default glibc installation, the only locale available is the "C" locale.
Instead of shipping a 50MB locale archive, glibc switches to locale-gen, a script that generates locales found in /etc/locale.gen.

After upgrading to glibc 2.3.6-1, users should enter wanted locales in /etc/locale.gen and run the locale-gen script afterwards.

By default /etc/locale.gen is an empty file with commented documentation. Once edited, the file won't get touched again and locale-gen runs on every glibc upgrade, installing all the locales specified in /etc/locale.gen.

The /etc/locale.gen is not completely clear about which locale to specify. If you use a locale like en_US.UTF8, you should put it in locale.gen as following:

en_US.UTF8 UTF-8

locale-gen will strip the .UTF8 part when assembling the locale data, but will put it in the archive as en_US.UTF8.

Server Donation Drive posted by Aaron
February 22, 2006
On the Archlinux Mailing List, Judd posted the following:

Hey all,

I'm sure you all already know this, but we've kinda hit a brick wall,
growth-wise, and that wall is dragon -- our ailing, underpowered server.

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to get a bugfix package
uploaded when the server is unresponsive. And I'm sure it's equally (if
not more) frustrating to be sitting on a broken Arch box with no
access to the wiki or forums because the whole server is down.

Well, let's fix it then! Dale Blount's company has graciously offered
us some rack space in their facility, and Paul Mattal's company has
graciously donated part of the funds required to purchase the hardware.
We're looking at about 2500 bucks total. With Paul's help and existing
donation money left over from existing server expenses, we have about
$1100, leaving us with another $1400 to pull out of the air.

So here is my public plea to all of you for some financial help. If
you've already donated, or can't afford to help out, that's cool -- we
understand. But if you have some bucks kicking around that you were
just going to use as scrap paper or paper-airplane material, then please
consider sending it our way instead.

Many thanks to everyone for helping to keep us afloat. If this fails,
we have to resort to auctioning off our developers for random housechores
and general abuse. Phrakture drew the short straw, so he's first.

- J

Xorg7 Moves to Current posted by Judd
February 20, 2006
Hey everyone,

Xorg7 has finally moved into Current. The upgrade is pretty smooth, but you'll have to make a few path changes in your xorg.conf to make things happy.

See the Xorg7 wiki page for upgrade instructions.
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