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Hoyer Breaks Ground for Hughesville Bypass

Hoyer Secured $10 Million for Project in House-Passed Transportation Bill

Friday, November 05, 2004

HUGHESVILLE, MD - Congressman Steny Hoyer today joined state and local officials to break ground for the Hughesville Bypass. At the request of Congressman Hoyer, $10 million in federal funds was included in the Transportation Reauthorization bill earlier this year for the Hughesville Bypass. The Senate passed the Transportation Reauthorization bill in February and the differences in the two bills are being worked out in a Conference Committee before the bill may become law.

The $10 million authorized for the Hughesville Bypass will jumpstart construction of the bypass and will ultimately provide a third of the funding needed to complete this project which has long been considered Southern Maryland's top transportation priority. Congressman Hoyer remains confident these funds will remain in the bill when it becomes law.

"As we gather here at midday today, traffic is manageable here in Hughesville," said Congressman Hoyer. "But this morning, and again in about 3 to 4 hours, traffic will again begin to slow, and this little town, with its narrow corridor, cannot accept the high volume of traffic expected of it every working day. Even on weekends, it is stressed.

"This project was included as part of the Tri-County Infrastructure Advisory Committee's recommendations to prepare for the Navy's growth at Patuxent River Naval Air Station. Once the project was ready for construction funding, I sought federal funding and was successful in having $10 million included in the Transportation Authorization bill last year.

"Although differences between the White House and Congress over funding levels has held up the bill, we anticipate that it will be finalized very shortly.

"This is an important project for our entire region and represents the final item on the Infrastructure Advisory Committee's list of priorities. I also want to also thank the local and state elected officials who have worked hard - from all 3 counties, to get this bypass done.

"When I began representing Pax River in Congress in the early 1990s, they hade about 40,000 visitors coming through their gates every year. Today, that number has soared to hundreds of thousands as a result of the consolidation there and all the visitors from all over the world. This is a primary route and we need to keep traffic flowing.

"More importantly, we have commuters who traverse this town daily on their way to jobs in the metropolitan areas who depend on smooth travel. Today marks the beginning to a smoother trip for them and all who depend on this highway," Hoyer concluded.

"Federal funding for the Hughesville Bypass helps us to complete the final piece of the overall funding commitment from the State to accommodate the BRAC moves to Pax River during the 1990s, which Congressman Hoyer has been involved with for many years," said Delegate John Bohanan. "We thank him for helping the State to fulfill this commitment."

This project will create a new four-lane, divided highway from the end of the divided highway south of Hughesville to the end of the divided highway north of Hughesville.

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