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Where is The Geek Group facility?

The Geek Group hosts hands-on interactive educational demonstrations for school groups. These demonstrations are unique to the class, curriculum, and grade level of each group and are individually designed to mesh with the classroom curriculum. After the demonstration, the instructor can use the field trip to augment the in-classroom teachings.

What we offer:

The Geek Group allows teachers to showcase technologies and demonstrations that they cannot do in the classroom because of the size, expense, or safety considerations involved. Public school funding may not allow busing in many places, much less $50,000 to build a lightning generator. The Geek Group allows teachers to have access to these resources and many others, including a specially trained staff. This enables students to have an up-close, interactive experience with facets of science and technology that they would otherwise only see in books.

Most kids never get to see an actual lightning bolt, or get to feel the power of a tornado siren. The few places that do have this level of technology tend to keep access to it locked away for only a very few people in University-level research. The Geek Group opens those doors and allows these toys to be shared with anyone.

The Geek Group gives kids more than the typical field trip. We’re not a school in the traditional sense, and we’re not a museum. The Geek Group is a place where it’s okay to touch things. It’s okay to ask questions. You’re going to get your hands dirty, pick up a tool, and build something before the day is over.

Our demonstrations are loud, exciting, fast-paced events. We choose to use a visceral, hands-on approach to science. We don’t teach about energy with a chalkboard and complex equations; we do it by pushing 80,000 amps of electricity though a pop can, or sending a 1.5 million volt arc ten feet across the room. As part of our meteorological demonstration, we actually create a snowstorm inside the laboratory. These activities make the concepts real for the students, and more importantly, they make learning fun.

The Geek Group is the most unusual and amazing place you will ever take your students. We are a radical departure from the traditional boring museum afternoon. Come on down and take a look around, see some of the demonstrations, and find out more on how you can share this new resource with your students in a field trip you can actually use in the classroom. We're certain you’ll like what you see.

Because the Geek shall inherit the Earth!


The cost of the demonstration is $5 per student per hour. Students with special needs or financial considerations, as determined by State of Michigan standards, are admitted at no cost, as are all supervising adults.


All our demonstrations take place under rigorously controlled conditions, using absolutely safe controls. There is never any danger to the students at any time. Safety is our primary concern. We have expertly trained staff and multiple layers of safety systems in place at all times.


During your initial inquiry, we will request the age level, class size, field of study, and specific subjects the students are currently covering. We may also request a copy of the textbook, so that we may incorporate its information into the show. The event is usually scheduled at least 2 weeks after the initial contact. Demonstrations are usually one hour in length, though times may vary from half an hour to a full day.