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In preparation for the release of our RAW Survey 2006 report, OpenRAW rebuilt this site. In case you find problems with the new layout and the functionality, please let us know.

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OpenRAW Team

Juergen Specht – Sun, 2006/04/02 – 2:50pm

The RAW Survey 2006

Thank you for your interest in the 2006 RAW Survey!

The data collection period for the 2006 survey is now over. Since our opening day on January 31, 2006, over 19,000 photographers from all over the world have visited the site and completed the questionnaire. We are grateful that so many photographers who are concerned about the future of RAW imaging technology have taken the time to share their experiences, beliefs, and preferences on this important issue.

Within the next few weeks, we will be publishing all the findings from the survey in a series of articles that will appear on the OpenRAW Web site ( and distributed to many other photography resource sites. We believe the survey results will be of great interest to photographers, camera manufacturers, software developers, art directors, archivists, and many others who are involved in digital photography and are passionately interested in the best quality and the greatest longevity for all their RAW images.

Stay tuned for our reports - and thanks again for your participation in the 2006
RAW Survey.


Juergen Specht
Calvin Jones

Thanks also to the many photography associations, forums, listservs, and other resources who supported the survey:

Juergen Specht – Sun, 2006/03/19 – 7:47pm