Awwww… You got me Bill…

This is pretty funny…

Today was the first “Action Day” for the army of wingnut spinners… Things didn’t work out so well, but that’s another story. I’ll tell it in the post after this one.

Today’s subject was the politics of hate. O’Reilly decided to beat up on the left by going after those that criticised Kate O’Beirne’s book on Of course he didn’t mention that the name of her book was, “Women Who Make the World Worse” and is, in itself, a smear job…

But the irony doesn’t end there. The purpose of today’s action was to ridicule O’Reilly’s very own efforts at getting Kieth Olberman removed from his job at MSNBC…

This audio records two calls - the first, immediately preceding my own, was a wingnut spinner… He got dumped as soon as he said “Kieth Olberman”. I heard him say it when I was listening through the phone while waiting to talk to Bill, but it didn’t go out over the air.

The second call is me… “Alfred” from Albany, NY. You gotta have a listen because Bill has finally let on that he recognizes me…

Stay tuned… this is developing hard… lol.

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7 Responses to “Awwww… You got me Bill…”  

  1. 1 Elephant

    Rough start to the great radio guerilla action, Mike. The British have a term for it - a “glorious failure”.

    If your cause is just and pure, why don’t you use your real name? Oh yes, you wouldn’t get on air. Because why? Because you’re an irritant, and no one takes you seriously.

  2. 2 Mike Stark


    Your buffoonery knows no bounds!

    Irritant? LOL! Tom-foolery and hypocrisy must be a requisite trait for conservatives… what, might I ask, are you doing trolling these boards if it isn’t acting as an irritant without a cause (or a point)?

    My work, on the other hand, does have a cause and a point… I expose you guys with every call.

    Why do I not use my real name? Well, I have on this blog - and I have at DailyKos. Is Elephant your real name?

    No, the reason I do not use my real name is because I run a blog which chronicles my calls to wingnuts. Wingnuts do not like to be called by the same caller more than once a week, or month or every several months… depending on the wingnut. I would use my real name if the wingnuts had the cajones to put me on when I call… but they don’t, so I don’t.

  3. 3 Elephant

    Mike -
    I had time to think about my comment, and I have decided that I was too harsh.

    That said, I must ask what the purpose of this site and your efforts are. I am being sincere when I state the following - you are obviously an intelligent person and have developed a very professional looking website. I simply do not see where this effort leads. I have an incredible amount of respect for people on the other side of the political spectrum like Kos who put effort into organizing and winning elections.

    I have been mean instead of challenging you to do something more productive for your side. So here it is - use your time, effort, and intellect to organize, raise money, enlist voters, and do your level best help your team win. does none of these, and you obviously have the ability to.

    With regards -
    The Elephant

  4. 4 RossK


    I put Mr. Stark’s efforts in the top 0.7% on both the entertainment and the worthwhile-o-meters.

  5. 5 blue_virginia

    On my way back from lunch yesterday I heard the caller that got dumped after talking very lucidly about under-funding of the Coast Guard. Bill’s reaction was hilarious, as was the bimbo co-host (since you couldn’t hear the reference to Olberman).

    I had no idea it was one of the draftees. That’s awesome.
    I am also proud to have heard Falafel berate “Alfred”.

    O’Reilly’s show is so funny. Right before the above segment plays a song and then states (paraphrased), “Yea! The Mama and the Papas, that’s still some great stuff.”

    It may have been the Lovin Spoonful, but still, that’s so funny from the squarest square ever.

  6. 6 Mike Stark


    You’ve asked what the point is…

    there are several.

    First, this site averages over 2,000 visitors a day. So I’m providing entertainment to some people.

    Second, the founding fathers wrote free speech and free press into the Constitution… it was a good idea… but they assumed there would be a range of ideas and opinions discussed in the public square. On AM talk radio, that just isn’t the case. So I’m providing that.

    Third, Rush, Hannity and O’reilly talk to more than 10 million listeners a day between them… Anytime I’m on Rush, over 4,000,000 people are listening. Since many of these people just don’t hear any differing fact/opinions - since all they ever hear is ingenius propaganda - it’s important to give them facts and ideas they wouldn’t otherwise hear. For example, how many of Rush’s evangelical listeners know that George Bush senior traveled the world prosyletizing for the Reverend Sun yun Moon? How many of them know that the single biggest beneficiary of the new faith-based program funding has been the Moonie empire?

    Fourth, Bill O’Reilly is a contemptible asshole and deserves much worse than I could ever give him.

  7. 7 beervolcano

    AM? Where are you?

    Everywhere I’ve been I’ve only seen Repub Radio on FM. Middle of the dial.
    The whole station will be Repub talk radio.
    Liberal talk radio? Doesn’t exist.
    Air America? That’s on AM, but not around here.

    Hell, here in Nashville we have three local Repub talkers daily mixed in with Liddy, O’Reilly, Savage, Ingraham, and Boortz. No Rush or Hannity thank God.

    You should have been listening to Liddy and Savage since the Dubai thing. The first few days they didn’t even bring it up. Callers to Liddy kept bringing it up and Liddy would say “Yeah, that’s a good point” sigh and go to commercial. :o ) That killed me.

    Then a few days later Savage finally started talking about it, against Bush, but he will routinely go against Bush for not being fascist enough.

    Liddy just doesn’t want to go there. :) beauty…

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