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Manic Mobius $100
Stars R2 DVD rip project - We need your help! 02/25/06 at 14:58
We have finally begun our Stars Japanese R2 DVD rip project! We need your help so we can purchase the last 3 volumes that we need to complete the season. Many people have already donated and we are extremely grateful! Details are HERE. Our PayPal donation link is on the left side menu of this site. Many thanks!

Post made by himuraKAORU

Galaxy Angel A BOXTORRENT 02/22/06 at 19:53
We have moved all our Galaxy Angel A DVD rip dual audio .ogm encodes over to BoxTorrents.com and the .torrent is available HERE.

Please resume your incomplete GA A encodes with this well seeded torrent. AA season should be along soon! Thanks to Mint for the DVD rips =D

Post made by himuraKAORU

Sailor Moon Japanese/English Music Collection! 01/30/06 at 02:11
Manic Mobius has graciously made a compilaton of Japanese and English Sailor Moon albums and combined it all into one 500MB sized torrent batch for SMC! These are all in high quality .ogg format and mostly from SailorMusic.net.
See a complete listing of albums and filenames HERE.

Post made by himuraKAORU

Sailor Moon S - The Movie OUT! 01/28/06 at 22:14
Releases left and right!! I am proud to bring you our dual audio .ogm DVD rip of Sailor Moon S - The Movie. Available on TORRENT and super fast XDCC! Please help seed and enjoy~! SuperS movie is coming in less than a week =D

Post made by himuraKAORU

We are back!! 12/31/05 at 01:44
Our piece of crap webhost strikes again.....this time for 2 weeks >.<
We apologize for the site being offline for so long, but we are stuck with the host for the moment.
The GOOD NEWS is that we are now offering some of our releases by direct download! We also have a new, improved XDCC bot hosted by Strychnine. Expect some new releases soon! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas~!

Post made by himuraKAORU

Sailor Moon R - The Movie 11/12/05 at 20:43
We have started releasing the Sailor Moon movies in dual audio .ogm DVD rip! Sailor Moon R - the Movie is available NOW. We added karaoke effects and English translation for the insert song "Moon Revenge" and plan to do this for the S and SuperS movies which will be coming very soon!

Post made by himuraKAORU

Ranma� Season 1 COMPLETE torrent 11/07/05 at 21:13
We now have a single torrent available for Ranma� Season 1 COMPLETE dual audio (Eng/Jap) .ogm DVD rips. Thanks, as always, to SK_MiMiK our Ranma/Sailor Moon dub encoder and he will be starting on Ranma season 2 ASAP.

Please resume any incomplete Ranma eps using this new torrent. Individual Ranma season 1 torrents will be deleted in 24-48 hours.

Post made by himuraKAORU

Ranma� ALL OP/ED CDs, with clean animation 10/10/05 at 09:30
#nihongo has joined with us to bring you all the Ranma� CDs of opening & ending songs as well as DVD rips of the clean (creditless) animation by our own SK_MiMiK. Get the torrent HERE

Post made by himuraKAORU

Galaxy Angel Z + Special BOXTORRENT 09/17/05 at 23:09
I mentioned before that someone posted a GA Z boxtorrent with our releases but they had a corrupted ep 9-10, so I have uploaded a new version with positive CRC checks HERE. Please resume your GA Z eps from this boxtorrent because the 1-12 batch torrent will soon be deleted from our main tracker. Thanks!

Post made by himuraKAORU

We need your help! 08/20/05 at 11:40
Please use the PayPal link on the right to donate to Sailor Moon Center. All donations will go to new projects and server costs. We are currently raising $$ for PGSM DVD rips! Any help is greatly appreciated.
We also need seeders and fservers, contact himura_KAORU if you would like to be a part of the SMC team! Thanks!

Post made by himuraKAORU