ca. 1887---1888

John F. Allen, Major Lewis Ginter, and John Pope were the heads of the Allen & Ginter tobacco company from the mid 1870's through the 1880's. These old time tobacco men prolifically advertised their different cigarette brands with Victorian trade cards, premiums, sets of insert cards, and albums. Sixty-eight different sets of colorful cigarette cards were produced on a wide array of subjects. One card was inserted into each cigarette packet as a free premium. Most of these sets of cards didn't identify a particular brand, but were labeled "Allen & Ginter's Cigarettes." A redeemable coupon was also inserted into each cigarette pack. Beautiful albums that usually pictured all of the cards from one of the different sets, were sent to smokers in exchange for 75 to 100 coupons.
tobacco album

The very rare, and very valuable, "Champions" album belongs to the Special Collections Library, Duke University. This album pictures the N28 series of 50 cigarette insert cards. In years past when these albums weren't as valuable, card collectors would cut up an album for the cards that were missing in their collections.

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