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Tech Info

Publisher: EA Games
Developer: Digital Illusions
Release Date: Jun 21, 2005 (more)
ESRB Descriptors: Violence

Game Information

Connectivity: Online, Local Area Network, Broadband Only
Special Controllers: Headset
Offline Modes: Competitive, Cooperative, Team Oriented
Online Modes: Competitive, Cooperative, Team Oriented
Number of Players: 1 Player
Number of Online Players: 64 Online
DirectX Version: v9.0c
Operating System: Windows XP

Minimum System Requirements

System: 1.7 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 512 MB
Video Memory: 128 MB
Hard Drive Space: 2300 MB
Other: Geforce 3 or better, XP Only

Recommended System Requirements

System: 2.4 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 1024 MB
Video Memory: 256 MB

Technical Support

Visit EA Games web site at: www.eagames.ea.com


Producer Sean Decker
Designer Kristoffer Bergqvist
Designer Jamil Dawsari
Designer Niklas Fegraeus
Designer Linus Josephson
Designer Patrick O'Shaughnessey
Designer James Salt
Designer David Sirland
Designer Romain de Waubert de Genlis
Designer Daniel Wiksten
Additional Designer Klas Holmlund
Additional Designer David Yee
Level Designer Fredrik Arvidsson
Level Designer Johan Belking
Level Designer Johan Carlberg
Level Designer David Göthberg
Level Designer Niklas Larsson
Lead Level Designer Erik Sjövold
Core Programmer Andreas Fredriksson
Core Programmer Jonas Kjellström
Programmer Måns Bernhardt
Programmer Jimmie Ericsson
Programmer Lie Fujita
Programmer Bjorn Hedberg
Programmer Martin 'TBM' Hedlund
Programmer Joacim Lindquist
Programmer Joakim Lord
Programmer Jonas Minnberg
Programmer Alex Papasavas
Programmer Johan Persson
Programmer Ulf Rask
Programmer Magnus Sjöberg
Programmer David Votypka
Programmer Johan Yveborg
AI Programming Andreas Andersson
AI Programming Roger Edgren
AI Programming Pia Johansson
AI Programming Tobias Karlsson
AI Programming Stefan Wallberg
Graphics Programmer Johan Andersson
Graphics Programmer Mattias Hörnlund
Graphics Programmer Torbjörn Laedre
Graphics Programmer Rod Lopez
Graphics Programmer Torbjörn Söderman
Physics Programmer Peter Österblom
Tools Programmer Christian Grass
Tools Programmer Jonas Aberg
Additional Programmer Jason Biro
Additional Programmer Ulf Borgenstam
Additional Programmer Tomas Eriksson
Additional Programmer Marko Kylmamaa
Additional Programmer John Newton
Additional Programmer Sean Parkinson
Additional Programmer Jonas Svensson
Lead Programmer Mats Dal
Development Direction - Code Christian Cyréus
Development Direction - Code Johan Döhl
Development Direction - Code Henrik Karlsson
Development Direction - Code Patrik Pafvelsson
Sr. Development Director Alex Peters
Sr. Development Director Mikael Rudberg
Artist Måns Bagge
Artist Conny Bergqvist
Artist Marcus Fritze
Artist Kristina Hegethorn
Artist Tommy Hjalmarsson
Artist Magnus Holmgren
Artist Martin Kopparhed
Artist Sofia Lindgren
Artist Johann Lutze
Artist Dawid Mod
Artist Lars Märtensson
Artist Emelie Nilsson
Artist Markus Nystrom
Artist Gabriel Odgren
Artist Daniel Paulsson
Artist Gustav Tilleby
Artist Stefan Vukanovic
Character Artist John Sanick
Vehicle Artist Matthias Eriksson
Vehicle Artist Peter Hoyles
Level Artist Oscar Carlén
Level Artist Tony Holmsten
Level Artist Joacim Lindqvist
Animator Tobias Dahl
Animator Fredrick Lindblom
Animator Tommie Lofqvist
Animator Alli Sadegiani
Special Effects Nadab Göksu
Special Effects Daniel Sundberg
Technical Lead Artist Fredrik Ulfves
Development Direction - Art Jonas Norberg
Development Direction - Art Jörgen Stenquist
Sound Henrik Andersson
Additional Sound Stefan Strandberg
Music Fredrik Englund
Music David Tallroth
Music Jonas Ostholm
Lead Sound Design Bence Pajor
Art Direction Marten Lundsten

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Battlefield 2


Vital Stats

Battlefield 2
Publisher: EA Games
Developer: Digital Illusions
Release Date: Jun 21, 2005 (more)
We Say
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(15,957 votes)
They Say
(85 reviews)
Rank: 43 of 18,795   up 8
Rank on PC: 15 of 5,415
Player Reviews: 720
Wish Lists: 8,367
Collections: 14,537
Now Playing: 7,971
Tracking: 22,734
Your Score:

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