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 These are mostly simple utility programs. They may be freely used and freely distributed.


Dup Detector freeware version 3.201 (no registration code needed)

Dup Detector finds duplicate and near duplicate images by opening and reading image pixel data. Large collections and large image file sizes can slow Dup Detector but it works well running in the background. Large image collections often are filled with duplicate images under different names. Use Dup Detector to clean them.
DupDetector reads 9 image file types from a folder or its subfolders or from an image list.

Version 3.201 has many improvements including automatic and semi-auto delete modes, shortcut keys for scrolling through matching image pairs, and more precision in the matching algorithm.

Dup Detector version 3.201 2/5/05
Win 95-98 Me XP 2K or NT4 (with install/uninstall).
To download:
Download SetupDD (750 kb)

Recent Awards
Dup Detector was rated with highest 5 stars at 5Star-Shareware, The UK's Premier Website for Shareware and Freeware Downloads.
Dup Detector received the 5Stars and the "Editor's Pick" at WebAttack, the world's largest collection of internet tools.
Dup Detector received the highest possible 5 Stars at Filetransit, the software distribution site with thousand of high quality applications and games.
Dup Detector received the highest 5 Stars at Filehungry, which provides downloading of software application titles.

RotateJPG - (Version 1.1 11/29/03) For those digital camera users, not using XP, who need a simple quick method of rotating the images taken with the camera rotated 90 degrees. Just view the JPG files as thumbnails in a view of the folder content. Select one or more JPGs to rotate then right-click to bring up a context menu with the option 'Rotate JPGs + 90' and/or 'Rotate JPGs -90'. They are losslessly rotated without changing or even reading the pixel data. A simple but very handy utility for those who switch between landscape and portrait orientation when taking digital pictures. Full install/uninstall. To be of use your Windows operating system must be able to display files as thumbnails (Windows 95 without IE does not). Context menu will include the 'Rotate JPGs' option only when JPG files are selected. This is similiar to what XP does through its shell, though it can rotate any image it can display and does not do JPGs losslessly. There would be no reason to use this with XP unless you simply must have a lossless rotation.

Win9x 2K Me Utility program 900kb Download


BatchRename - Version1.6 Batch rename all files or all image files in a folder. Batch change extensions. Use Auto numbering or other renaming options.
Win95-98 2K Me 2K XP or NT4. Utility program 16kb


JPEG Transfer - Windows 9x - NT : Utility program 30kb

This was written for use with Sony's Mavica camera floppy disks.
This utility allows a simple copy (or move) and rename of JPEG photo image files from the source directory (usually A:/) to your selected destination directory on your hard-drive.
Give a general descriptive name for the files and each JPEG file will be copied and numbered sequentially with a unique time ID added.
Here is the same in an install-uninstall package with added access via a drive context menu, i.e.right click on a view of the A:\ drive and select JPEG Transfer from the context menu. 690kb



Two Explorers - Windows 9x only (no NT compatibility): Utility program 680kb Full install-uninstall

A utility program for the 'power user'. Bring up two side-by-side explorer views from a right mouse click on any folder or drive. Two Explorers option is added to a folder context menu (right click).
Use when moving files and both source and destination directory cannot be seen in one view.
Handy if you have multiple drive designations and often move files between them.



Image file search - Windows 9x - NT: Utility program 30kb Download

Full install-uninstall version: 700kb Download SetupSF.exe

A simple utility program for the 'power user'. This program does a recursive search of a drive or folder tabulating information on files with the user selected file extensions. I use this to tabulate info on image files but it could be used for any file types (extensions).

Screen shot:


Collate tiles - Windows 9x - NT: Utility program for 'advanced' PhotoTile users. This allows creating a PhotoTiling with 2 different size tiles. This is done by creating 2 PhotoTilings, the same size with the same target image, and then using this program to select from the larger or smaller tile sizes. The instructions are minimal.


Full install-uninstall version: 900kb Download SetupCol.exe

PT display (screen saver) (3/10/01 freeware )
A nice way to display your PhotoTile image on the screen.
It assembles the mosaic image and then randomly
displays tiles in an enlarged view.
Demo version installs with 162 tile images
and creates 2 different mosaic images.
Demo version does not require PhotoTile.



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