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Letter of the Week:

Q: Dear Savannah,

Please lay to rest, once and for all, the argument that size matters.


David S.

(not the David S. that works in Brighton, East Sussex, but a different one, possibly even a David S. that isn't based in England at all)


News In Brief:


In a bid to boost employee morale and cultivate a hipper image, stodgy investment banking firm Hamilton Hardway last week added the word "extreme" to every job title. "I kind of like it," commented Extreme Vice President in Charge of Finance Jake Robertson. "It makes me feel cool." This sentiment was echoed by Extreme Portfolio Investment Counselor Angela Dupree. "I love it! I really identify with it. It really sums up what I do." Not everyone at the company was thrilled, however. Extreme Janitorial Emergencies Supervisor Raymond Blacklock commented, "In janitorial emergencies, extreme is never good."

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