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Product Description 


Welcome to the InfoTollGateTM Web Site










The InfoTollGate CCM (content/commerce management system) is a complete Internet browser-based, database driven environment for creating, designing and managing sophisticated web sites that have valuable content – from published web pages to proprietary documents to downloadable software or graphics.

Once you create your valuable content, you can generate a web site for fine-tuned authorized access to it online. You can grant access to authorized users based on flexible access rules on a complimentary, a la carte purchase, and/or subscription model.

InfoTollGate CCM enables your small, medium or large businesses to design, install, and customize a sophisticated CCM web site in a mere few days. While content management systems exist and while eCommerce systems exist, InfoTollGate CCM is unique in that if offers you all of the following integrated capabilities in a single, highly flexible, affordable product:

  • content management,
  • eCommerce,
  • user- and membership management, and
  • access control.

Note: This entire site was generated in a few hours using a small subset of the InfoTollGate CCM system.

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