EXTEND: Advanced Processing Workshop
Led by Casey Reas, Ben Fry, Marius Watz and Zachary Lieberman
Barcelona, HANGAR 8 - 12 May
A project by OFFF and HANGAR part of OFFF 2006
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Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and sound. It is used by students, artists, designers, architects, researchers, and hobbyists for learning, prototyping, and production. It is created to teach fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context and to serve as a software sketchbook and professional production tool. Processing is developed by artists and designers as an alternative to proprietary software tools in the same domain.

The beta software for Processing 1.0 was released 20 April 2005 and can be downloaded here. Bug fixes are being made as we head toward the 1.0 release. Processing is free to download and available for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Please help in releasing version 1.0!

Processing is an open project initiated by Ben Fry (Broad Institute) and Casey Reas (UCLA Design | Media Arts). Processing evolved from ideas explored in the Aesthetics and Computation Group at the MIT Media Lab.

Please visit our subdomains:
Information about contributing code and expertise to the Processing software. Includes bug tracking and instructions for building the code, downloading the source, and creating libraries.
Information about physical computing initiatives related to Processing. Links to the Wiring and Arduino projects.
Mobile Processing is a programming environment and library for writing software for mobile phones.



3 Mar 2006
New software from Leonardo Solaas added to the exhibition.
2 Mar 2006
Processing versions 104-107 released in quick succession to fix some bugs with file saving. If you're using 103+, please update to 107.
14 Feb 2006
New software from Golan Levin added to the exhibition.
9 Feb 2006
Processing selected for the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Triennial exhibition on view 8 December 2006 to 26 August 2007.
9 Feb 2006
New software from George Legrady added to the exhibition.

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18 March 06
Mobile Processing Workshop II, 8 Hours of Mobility at Universidad Autonoma de Manizales, More Info
20 February 06
dorkbotlondon 35 with Dave Griffiths (fluxus and more) and Tom Carden (processing hacks and more) and more.
03 February 06
Mobile Processing Introduction at Universidad Autonoma de Manizales Colombia, More Info
04 February 06
Southern California (SOCAL) Dorkbot at the Machine Gallery in Los Angeles featuring demos of Wiring and Arduino.
15-18 February 06
Free Tangible Code Arduino/Processing workshop at Atelier Nord in Oslo. Applications for participation due 27 January.

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More Processing updates, news, events, and projects can be found in the Discourse and through the tag “” and various blogs around the Net:
Processing Blogs curated by Tom Carden


FH W-S / University of Applied Sciences / Fachbereich Gestaltung: Introduction to Processing
University Website
Goldsmiths College, University of London: MA in Interactive Media, Critical Theory and Practice
Goldsmiths College MA Interactive Media
University of Colorado, Boulder: Digital Art 2: Machinima, Software Art, Future
UCLA: School of Architecture Research Studio
UCLA Architecture

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