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Famous Carnatic Composers - AMK

Ambujam Krishna - (died 1989) Ambujam Krishna graduated from Delhi University with a degree in Home Science. She was the daughter-in-Law of the Chennai Industrialist T.V.Sundaram Iyengar. Her musical training was under Karaikudi Ganeshan and Madurai Ganesha Bhagavatar. An extremely pious individual and an ardent lover of the arts, she composed in Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and MaNipravaaLam (two or more different languages in the same song). Her songs are noted for their imagination, chaste language, clarity of thought and inspired spontaneity. Her output has been published in four volumes under the title "Geetamala." The songs are not the result of planned execution but are rather a spontaneous outpouring of divine inspiration. Her approximately 600 songs have been set to tunes by many well-known vidwans like T.N.Seshagopalan, V.V.Sadagopan, Dr.S.Ramanthan, Madurai N.Krishnan, K.R.Kedaranathan, Semmangudi Shrinivasa Iyer and others who have brought out the bhava of the songs beautifully.



  1. aaNDaaL kalyaaNam - raagamaalika
  2. gaana mazhai - raagamaalika
  3. guruvaayoor appanE - reeti gowLa
  4. kaaNa vENum laksham kaNgaL - shuruTTi
  5. kaaNbadeppO - bilahari
  6. kaNNaa vaa - raagamaalika
  7. maargam kaattiDuvaai - hindOLam
  8. Om namO naaraayaNaa - karnaranjani
  9. punnagai onrE - hamsaanandi
  10. varuga varugavE - mOhanam

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