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Please Note: This is an ongoing project, and we are still scanning and processing property and district files for some parishes. This database will be periodically updated.

Welcome to the Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation's National Register Website. The National Register of Historic Places is the nation's official list of buildings, structures, objects and districts deemed worthy of preservation because they illustrate something about our nation's history or culture. Louisiana is privileged to have over 1,100 entries on this prestigious list, and the number continues to rise.

The National Register is the heart of the nation's preservation movement. Because our listings embody the state's most significant historic sites, Louisiana's National Register properties should be a major focus of any study relating to our heritage. For this reason, the Louisiana Legislature has mandated that the Division of Historic Preservation make this information readily available to the public in a manner appealing to citizens of all ages.

The material is presented through an easy-to-use database which allows one to search the website in various ways. For example, choosing View All Records allows one to view the entire database one property at a time alphabetically by parish. Choosing Search the Database accesses a search engine which provides the capability of searching by parish, city/town, property theme, property type, level of significance, or area of significance.

Narratives describing the property and explaining its importance (Parts 7 & 8 of the National Register Nomination Form), a selection of photographs and location maps are provided for each property/district in the database. The narratives are in Word 97 format.

We hope that this will make your National Register research easy and enjoyable.

Attention Tax Credit Applicants

Maps of all the National Register historic districts in Louisiana cities and towns where there is likely to be interest in either the federal or state tax credit program are included in this data base with their boundaries outlined in red.

If your property lies within a National Register district's boundaries, was 50 or more years of age at the time of the district's nomination, and retains its historic character, it is listed on the National Register. (Register listing dates are included with the data for each nomination in this data base.)

At times the scale of the maps has made it difficult to portray the boundary lines accurately. When possible, we have clarified these boundaries by including a descriptive statement with the map. In some cases, however, it has been impossible to draw the boundaries with complete accuracy.
We have tried to make the maps large enough and clear enough to be easily read. However, they may appear differently in different browsers; and there is no mechanism for enlarging the maps within the browser or the data base. To enlarge a map, copy it to your computer's hard drive and open it in software which allows the sizing of images.
If your property is located along a boundary of one of the National Register districts, or if you are unsure of your property's Register status for any reason, please telephone the Division of Historic Preservation at (225) 342-8160.

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