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Apostles Born Outside the United States

To date, 11 men born outside of the United States have served in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Five of these men were born in England, and one each in Canada, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Mexico and Germany. In addition, two apostles, N. Eldon Tanner and Hugh B. Brown, were Canadian citizens, but both were born in Salt Lake County. The 11 apostles born outside of the United States are:

John Taylor: Milnthorpe, Westmoreland Co., England. Born 1 November 1808. Ordained an apostle 19 December 1838.

George Q. Cannon: Liverpool, Lancashire Co., England. Born 11 January 1827. Ordained an apostle 26 August 1860.

George Teasdale: London, England. Born 8 December 1831. Ordained an apostle 16 October 1882.

Marriner Wood Merrill: Sackville, Westmoreland Co., New Brunswick, Canada. Born 25 September 1832. Ordained an apostle 7 October 1889.

Anthon Henrik Lund: Aalborg, Jutland, Denmark. Born 15 May 1844. Ordained an apostle 7 October 1889.

Charles William Penrose: London, England. Born 4 February 1832. Ordained an apostle 7 July 1904.

James Edward Talmage: Hungerford, Berkshire Co., England. Born 21 September 1862. Ordained an apostle 8 December 1911.

John Andreas Widtsoe: Daloe, Island of Froyen, Trondhjem, Norway. Born 31 January 1872. Ordained an apostle 17 March 1921.

Charles Albert Callis: Dublin, Ireland. Born 4 May 1865. Ordained an apostle 12 October 1933.

Marion G. Romney: Colonia Juarez, Mexico. Born 19 September 1897. Ordained an apostle 11 October 1951.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf: Ostrava, Czechoslovakia, a native German. Born 6 November 1940. Sustained as an apostle 2 October 2004.

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