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Created by: mchughjj
Last modified: 2001/05/29 11:40:27
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Year : 1986

Running Time : 11 minutes

Catalogue No. : 86/35

Country of Origin : U.K.

Category : Commissioned Artists / Performance

Programme Note

The air of East London is filled with the noise of hammering, sawing, toxic fumes and the occasional explosion as the Bow Gamelan Ensemble construct huge new bizarre instruments, strange constructions, machinery and ideas for their performance in Nottingham.

The Bow Gamelan Ensemble is essentially a radical approach to music, sound sculpture and, accidentally, the performed arts. They are dedicated to making aural and visual events that you haven't heard or seen before.

Working with everyday objects-scrap metal and the flotsam and jetsam of urban industrial life-they turn them into something magical, expressive of joy and excitement.

As artists working in a society that denies the existence of a context for art, their response is, both literally and metaphorically, to make something out of nothing.

The Bow Gamelan Ensemble's performance will take place at the Albert Hall Institute on Wednesday 8th October at 10pm.

This performance is sponsored by Central Television who will also be filming the event.

Reference from the National Review of Live Art programme 1986


Dimly lit, with occasional illumination from scattered lamps and sparks from welding tools, massive contraptions made of industrial detritus are played gamelan style by shadowy performers in fishermen's hats, oilskins, and aprons, creating the effect of some infernal factory.

Tape Information

Brief extract from longer performance, on Compilation tape with Tara Babel, Fourth Wall and others.