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January 10th, 2006

Update: This Morning’s Postitive Feedback

Yesterday an unfortunate incident occurred on Digg where a patently false accusation was made against me. Due to its inflammatory nature it was voted “thumbs-up” evidently without much investigation by many digg readers.

Thankfully today my job of reputation triage is made easier by a sort of retraction post which was equally voted “thumbs-up” to the front page of Digg. I’d like to thank those digg users who both took the time to “digg” into the facts and try to set the record straight, and “Nat” at O’Reilly for sifting through the facts.

Through a mediator I’m told that Kevin Rose is now aware of the real story and believes nothing wrong was done on my part.

I’ve been in contact with the developers of Pligg, an open source version of digg, to be sure that steps are being taken to remove any offending code they may have inherited into the project. At this time I don’t believe there was any intention to copy any of Digg’s code on their part. If you are taking some kind of action against Pligg please stop.

The CSS and other code in use on my pligg powered sites (iTunesLove & LinuxFilter) will remain as is for the time being so people can continue to examine the story ‘as is’.

Though this incident is most regrettable, I remain a fan of digg and the editorially open style.

Should anyone care for further discourse on the matter I’m happy to respond one to one.

Steve Mallett -

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  • 1. ZDNet Web 2.0 Explorer&hellip  |  January 10th, 2006 at 8:00 pm

    More evidence of GroupThink at

    Now� maybe I’m being alarmist here, but it worries me that a person’s reputation can be so quickly attacked on sites like Digg - and Wikipedia for that matter, although at least they have warning messages. Especially when the attacks are personal and…

  • 2. Darren Straight's Blog&hellip  |  February 2nd, 2006 at 10:18 pm

    Steve Mallette vs. Digg controversy

    Here’s some great news, Steve Mallette is out in the clear!
    Earlier today, O’Reilly found itself at the center of a controversy on the popular news site, Steve Mallett, O’Reilly Network editor and blogger, was very publicl…

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