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TiVo Developer Challenge
Wow! Clever developers nationwide entered our TiVo Developer Challenge with unique applications in several categories. After careful deliberation, the following winners were honored at the 2005 JavaOne Developers Conference held in San Francisco. Congratulations!
Music Monkey
Best Music Application

Developer: Jeremy Brooks
Prize: 40GB Apple iPod

Application description: Music Monkey tests how familiar you are with your own music library...with a monkey twist.
Best Photo Application

Developer: Andrew Wallace
Prize: Nikon Coolpix 5200

Application description: Flickr provides a TiVo interface to the popular photo sharing service of the same name, including contact lists and tagging.
NBC Trivia
Best Game Application

Developer: Courtney Wilson
Prize: Nintendo DS

Application description: A trivia engine featuring a smooth interface and trivia questions from Seinfeld and Friends.
Digital Home
Best Information Application

Developer: Sergey Chemishkian
Prize: PalmOne Treo 650

Application description: Now you can control everything in your home through TiVo: lights, shades, and even security cameras — all from the comfort of your couch.
Most Creative Application

Developer: Leon Nicholls
Prize: Blackberry 7280

Application description: Galleon is a Swiss army knife of applications. The most creative application in the contest, besides supporting music, photos, and internet radio, it also allows TiVo owners to transfer their favorite shows to their computer remotely. A nifty addition to TiVoToGo.
Grand Prize Application

Developer: Kyle Copeland
Prize: Segway

Application description: AudioFaucet exhibits a high degree of polish and integration, allowing anyone using iTunes to control their music library from their living room couch. A beautiful interface supporting album art and track ratings, it is an impressive example of the first generation of TiVo HME applications.

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