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U S Manufactured Product (Including Laser Resonators)

LE Technologies, LLC. is now offering for sale the
Compact High Power (CHP) Laser Dazzler™ (Patent Pending)

The CHP Laser Dazzler™ is specifically designed for applications where subject vision impairment must be achieved at distance, in very bright ambient conditions including clear sunny daylight. It is the most compact laser device available that is suitable for this purpose.


500 Milliwatt, 532nm (Green) Flashing Laser

Overall Length 11 Inches, Maximum Diameter 2.5 Inches

Powered by Primary Lithium Batteries

Delivery: 8 weeks ARO

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CHP Laser Dazzler

Since the CHP Laser Dazzler™ (Patent Pending) is designed to be compact yet effective at distance in bright ambient conditions AS A STAND ALONE DEVICE IT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CLOSE IN WORK DUE TO ENERGY DENSITIES THAT HAVE THE POTENTIAL OF CAUSING IRREVERSIBLE EYE DAMAGE AT CLOSE RANGE.

Upon customer request simple interchangeable optical elements that create wider beam angles can be provided which allow the CHPLD to be used at closer ranges.

LE Systems, Inc. (LESI) was established in 1993 to bring technology to Law Enforcement. Since inception LESI has developed the Laser Dazzler™, trained and certified police and security personnel and conducted R&D on various laser projects for the United States Military.
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