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Graduation Requirements
All Stuyvesant High School students beginning with the Class of 2007 (unless otherwise noted) must complete a minimum of the following courses between grades 9-12:

Subject Area

Course Requirements

Is passing a NYS Regents Exam Required?



4 years, grades 9 -12

English Regents


Social Studies

4 years, grades 9 -12. If a year of history (e.g. Global History I) is completed in 8th Grade, two terms of history courses must be substituted.

Global History Regents
US History Regents



Regents Living Environment
Regents Chemistry
Regents Physics
1 year of Science electives (2 years if Living Environment and Regents taken in 8th Grade)

Living Environment Regents
Chemistry Regents
Physics Regents

Science Electives may be any science course except SBAB;SBAV;SUPB;SBLT;SUPP;SFIP;SBBX;SPP4;SPPM;SRTP;
SFX1 and SFX2, A.P. Psychology. (A.P. Psychology will count as a science elective under certain conditions. See Online Course Guide.)


3 years of Mathematics,
grades 9-12

Math A Regents
Math B Regents

Math Research, Math Team and Computer Science courses do not fulfill the Math requirement.
Beginning with the class of 2009 , successful completion of PreCalculus (ME82) or Advanced Algebra (MEAB) is required.

Foreign Languages

Two years of a Language at Stuyvesant provided the proficiency exam was taken in junior high school. Otherwise, a third year of language study is necessary.

Regents Exam after Level 6

A minimum of Language Level 6 must be completed.
Beginning with the class of 2009, three years of a Language at Stuyvesant. Also, if students have completed 3 years of language study and passed the regents in junior high school, they must choose a new language, complete 3 years of study, and pass the regents in the new language.

Health and Physical Education

7 terms of Physical Education
1 term of Health Education


Students who fail any Physical Education class must make up the class in Summer School or Night School.

Technology Education

1 term of Drafting/CAD,TCD
1 term of Intro to Computer Science, MCS1
1 term of 5 period Tech Lab
1 term of 10 period Tech Lab


There is no exemption from 5 Tech.
Students who successfully complete participation in the Band, Orchestra or Chorus are exempted from 10Tech.
Students who complete a 2-pd Intel Research class and submit a paper are exempted from 10Tech.

Music and Fine Arts Education

1 term Art Appreciation, A1
1 term Music Appreciation, U1


Students in the Band, Orchestra or Chorus (for at least one year) are exempted from U1.


2 terms of Senior Electives (one course taken each term of senior year)


This requirement can be fulfilled by taking anyone credit course that is not being taken to fulfill another requirement. Intel Research classes do NOT fulfill this requirement.

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