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Qt / Open Source Evangelist: Scott Collins

Scott Collins is an engineer, public speaker, technical evangelist, and one of the voices of the Open Source community. As a key participant and contributor to the Mozilla project since its inception, he first came into the public spotlight in PBS' documentary "Code Rush", chronicling Netscape's push to open source its pioneering browser.

Collins' technical depth and breadth, coupled with his skill at clearly communicating even the most challenging concepts, have made him a popular speaker around the globe on topics from the technical to the historical, social, and political ... often all in the same speech, illuminating the connections between.

Scott Collins Speaking Schedule
October 2-9Linux Lunacy V/Geek Cruises ½ day seminar, Hands-On GUI Programming with Qt 4
Linux Lunacy
October 13-14North American KDE Developer Camp San Diego, CA
Scott Collins session, Oct 14, 10:45am - "Porting Windows Applications to Linux"
November 16LinuxWorld Expo, Frankfurt Germany "Introduction to Qt 4"

Conference and seminar organizers:

Mr. Collins accepts speaking requests on a case-by-case basis. If your organization is interested in having Mr. Collins as a keynote, session speaker, panelist or moderator, please email your request.

More information about upcoming events and speaking engagements.

Scott Collins' Blog.

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