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Jotter vK1800

Original Author: Olios (Homepage)
Modified by Kaitlin of Medivh

A movable in-game notepad with up to 254 pages of text per user. Bookmark the current page (up to 8) and remove them by simply alt-clicking the bookmark tab. Keep in mind that the text 'saves' to the vars just by closing the frame. The ReloadUI button merely acts as a 'forced' save, as it forces the SavedVariables.lua file to be written. There seems to have been some confusion about this.

Kv1.1c- Fixed issue where removing a bookmark would sometimes keep you from adding new ones.
- Removed /command for renaming bookmarks. Right-Click a bookmark to rename it.
Kv1.1b- Fixed issue where editing text near the top of the page, when there is text below the viewable area would force the scrollframe to move to the bottom
- Shortened the scrollframe so text doesn't overlap with the bottom texture (was hard to read that last line)
- Shortened available edit space to 800 characters since anything over 900 wouldn't get saved (800 to be safe)
- Added a text label under the frame to show how many characters out of max you currently have on the page
Kv1.1a- Fixed nil error on fresh install
Kv1.1- Added bookmarks (up to 8) and character-unique pads. There is also a 'Shared' jotter. Alt-click the bookmarks (right-side tabs) to remove them
- Pressing 'ESC' when the editbox has focus will now make the editbox drop focus.
- Jotter now uses a much easier to read font (14pt Fritz)
- Please backup your SavedVariables.lua file before upgrading to this version. I have Jotter migrate the old data but 'just in case'. You've been warned!
Kv1     - '/jt clear' will clear the current page, and if it's the last page, it will delete it entirely.
- The 'next' button will no longer create a new page, it will only move you to the next page, up to the last page.
- A 'New Page' button has been added to the bottom of the frame to create new pages, and jump you to the new page.
- Updated to 1300 Interface #
K0.1a     - Escape should now close Jotter.
- Updated to 4216 Interface #
K0.1     - Initial Release

Slash Commands:
/jotter or /jtToggle Jotter-K (There is also a key-binding)
/jt <#>Jump to page <#>
/jt clearClear the current page
/jt clearallClear all pages
/jt helpDisplay this list of commands
/jt bookmarkDisplay a list of bookmark commands
/jt bookmark clearall          Clear all bookmarks

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Use the left and right arrow buttons to change the page. To add a new page (max 254 pages) just click the right button.

Version    Release Date
Jotter-K v1800    Interface 1800    1700

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