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Mod Name: Darth Sion - Terminator 2
Section: Misc
Author: sup3rman
Date: January 16, 2006
Version: 2.0

File Name:
File Size: 784.1 KB
Downloads: 410
Views: 6,477
ok! here we go! i've taken the ugly darth sion and transformed him into the one and only T-101 (aka, the terminator).
what i've change from the 1st version; i gave him a black t-shirt that gives a hint to his endo skelleton, added some good lookin' really short hair, made his face look sharper, smoothed most of the skin out, turned his black arm to the exsposed arm, i put him in grey camo pants, and got rid of the stupid fringe things on his boots and arm.
feel free to tweak or improve the textures and post them yourself. (just gimme a tiny bit of credit)

TO INSTALL: just drag and drop the two files into your overide folder, that's it!

enjoy, sup3rman.


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