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Join us in celebrating the genre of speculative fiction in all its forms, in books, comics, film, television, computer games and more. In this festival of ideas and culture you'll meet writers, film-makers, animators, game designers, journalists, scientists and philosophers... all exploring the genre of speculative fiction.

Cory Doctorow Bruce Sterling Sean Williams Jonathan Strahan Kim Wilkins Erika Lacey


12-April-2006: The Conjure Film & TV program is now online! Check it out here...

12-April-2006: Pre-con memberships have now closed. You can still purchase tickets at the convention from the Registration Desk. Full four-day passes are available, as well as daily tickets.

25-March-2006: Bios of our panellists, presenters and guests speakers now online!

12-March-2006: Draft Program Schedule now online! The latest draft of the Conjure program is now available online. Click here to check it out...

10-February-2006: Writing Workshops with Jennifer Fallon or Gillian Polack! Conjure will be hosting writing workshops on Friday, April 14 from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Find out about getting published in Australia or delve into the details of medieval history for that fantasy novel. Places are limited! Click here for info...

06-January-2006: How to upgrade from a supporting membership... If you have purchased a Supporting Membership and would like to upgrade to a full, attending membership, click here or please contact our Memberships officer, Nicky Strickland, by sending an email to

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