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More News: Pokemon Emerald

Headline Posted
Nintendo profits cool in latest quarterly earnings report
The dynamite DS can't offset a dearth of games and plummeting GameCube and GBA sales; game giant remains in the black.
NPD: 2005 game sales up 21 percent
Gran Turismo 4 was top console game; portables boom as consoles and PC games slide.
ChartSpot: May 2005
Star Wars lords over the console charts, as Guild Wars stays on top of the PC top 10.
Nintendo reveals new WarioWare Inc.
Game Boy Advance game to use built-in sensor instead of D pad; Pokémon Emerald, F-Zero Climax, and Zoids Versus III also on display at Nintendo's retailer exhibition.
Pokémon Emerald GBA SP coming to Japan
The limited-edition Rayquaza Game Boy Advance SP will be available in the Pokémon online shop in August.

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