February 13, 2006 - In person Interview - Conducted by Alex Drumm

You might have seen Halifax partying it up on the Real Wrold: Austin. Perhaps you have seen them over the last few years on the road. Maybe you are waiting for the release of their highly anticipated full length, "The Inevitability of a Strange World." Recently, I got the chance to sit down and talk about all of these things in between bands during their current tour with Paramore, My American Heart and So They Say.

EP - So what has been going on with you guys recently? Have you been touring or writing?
Tommy – We just finished the album and we went to Japan at the beginning of the year. When we got back from Japan, and we had a little time off and then we just started this tour. We are waiting for the record to come out, which will be in April.

EP – I heard that there was an issue with some of your demos. Weren’t you searching around for producers?
Tommy – We had demos that we did in a studio is California to just get an idea as to what the songs sound like. Then we went in with our first producer, Lou Giordano, and recorded an album. We gave it to the label and the label thought that maybe we could…it wasn’t bad, it was a good album, but they thought we could spice it up a little more. So we went with Machine.
EP – Is it still going to be called “The Inevitability of a Strange World?”
Tommy – Yeah. It will be the same.

EP – There was a big sound change between “Start Back at Start” and “A Writer’s Reference.” Is there going to be as dynamic of a change?
Tommy – You are not even going to think it is us. (Laughter)

EP – You guys have never really put out a proper full length. It is kind of frustrating to want to play the new songs?
Doug – I think a lot of the kids end up getting into them because we have toured around the same places a lot playing the new songs. So the kids know them and we have three songs on Myspace and we make sure we play all of those ones. We play as many songs that we know the kids will know, and hope they like the new stuff.
Chris – It’s hard to play a headlining tour with just an EP out, because the EP only has five songs that we can play and as headliner they want you to play for an hour. So we have to play like 10 songs. We are only playing four songs from the EP and the rest are new songs. We just try to promote the full length live.

EP – I know you are going to get asked this a lot but the whole Real World thing, how did you guys get hooked into that? Was it just dumb luck that they just sort of found you?
Tommy – They had to find bands that they liked and the cast liked to get on the show and we were one of the bands they loved. We got along with the cast amazingly and they are a bunch of great people.
EP – I know they picked scenes where you guys were drunk a lot and partying a lot, do you guys feel like you were accurately portrayed?
Tommy – I said in an interview a little while ago that on the show we were portrayed as hardcore partiers. But every single band parties. We just got to do it on T.V.
EP – Did you guys have a favorite cast member that you really connected with as a band?
Tommy – All of them. At first, a couple of them were hesitant to get to know us a little bit. But by the end, when we left, everyone was really good friends.

EP – I know it’s pretty early in the tour, but are you guys having fun with it?
Tommy – We are having a blast. We can’t wait to get to know everyone.

EP – I know you said we were going to hear six new songs on this tour. Is it pretty safe to say that we will never hear anything from “Start Back at Start” ever again?
Tommy – Never ever. We don’t even know what that record is.
Mike – It is 100% safe to say that.
EP – What about “Scarlet Letter Pt 2?”
Tommy – We play that every once in a while.

EP – What is your favorite song to play live?
Tommy – “Our Revolution.” It is a new song. It is straight up rock and roll.

EP - What have you guys been listening to recently?
Tommy – Us? We listen to everything from Tool and Nine Inch Nails to Bob Marley and Damien Marley all the way up to, like, Foo Fighters.
EP – What is in your CD player right now?
Tommy – Our album! (Laughs) I’ll be honest.

EP - I know, Mike, you said that that you guys still don’t feel like a real band. Does something have to happen to make you feel that way? Or is it a coming of age kind of thing?
Mike – I am at a point where I feel like it is never going to feel like a real band. I always feel like me and Chris are in his parent’s house writing songs, you know? I think that’s how we all take it. It just keeps us grounded I guess. We have a good time doing it and we want to keep it that way.

EP – Is there anything else you want to say to the EmotionalPunk.com readers?
Tommy – The record will be out in April. When in April, I have no idea. But it will be in April. Wait for it. Check it out.