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WHAT'S NEW on this Website?


DECEMBER, 2005 New preliminary page of MFT Internship Sites throughout the State of CT
NOVEMBER, 2005- Urgent news about Medicare Reimbursement
OCTOBER, 2005 All listserve messages, on the Bulletin Board, are now color-coded by type.
OCTOBER, 2005 Regular updates to committee pages; Board pages; conference pages; home page Breaking News.
JULY, 2005 Bulletin Board now contains ALL listserve messages for the last six months. 
FEBRUARY, 2005 Total update of the site with latest information from new Association Manager, Jan Bailey and ideas developed from CAMFT membership survey.
  • New "Breaking News" table on Home page.
  • New SEARCH page links to Home page.
  • Bulletin Board for membership information/education about MFT-related opportunities, with last 2 months of listserve messages.
  • New committee pages for Advocacy and Elections committees.
  • Updates about CAMFT and AAMFT conferences, CAMFT Board members, AAMFT approved supervisors, Division Calendar, Annual conference information, How to Purchase CAMFT membership lists, committee updates, FAQs about MFT and MFTs, etc.
JANUARY, 2005 CEU application, for those who are giving AAMFT approved events, is updated. Press here for updated application form.
JANUARY, 2005 Marketing Committee, Direct Mail Team, fields first letter of the Attorney's Direct Mail awareness-raising campaign. Letter is included on the website.
APRIL, 2004 HIPAA information updated from AAMFT
MARCH, 2004 Marketing Committee updates added; new color and layout to the Marketing Committee pages.
MARCH, 2004 Diversity Committee updates added; new color and layout to the Diversity Committee pages.
JANUARY, 2004  Marketing Committee, Direct Mail Team, fields first steps of the Physician's Direct Mail awareness-raising campaign. Letter is included on the website. PRESS HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT MARKETING SERVICES AND PRODUCTS FOR  CAMFT MEMBERS
DECEMBER, 2003 New CT CEU regulations finally in place.
NOVEMBER, 2003  New Executive Office information is added to website:  203-254-1748 
CAMFT, PO Box 96, Newtown, CT 06470
SEPTEMBER, 2003 Marketing Committee, Writer's Bureau Team, submits final articles for inclusion on the CAMFT website.
AUGUST 29, 2003 New Employment Opportunities available. Click EmploymentOpps to see what they are.
JUNE 16, 2003 Elections Committee extended voting date for CAMFT membership.
JANUARY 30, 2003 After 40 more hours of tech and design work, Melissa completed a total rebuild and update of the CAMFT website for the new address. CTAMFT is born!!
JANUARY 15, 2003 Michael DeLauro bought our new domain, for the marketing committee and Melissa made arrangements to move the CAMFT website to a paid site with no advertising. No more pop-up ads. Hurrah!!!
NOVEMBER, 2002 Employment Opportunities and Committee updates were included in the site. 
AUGUST 20, 2002-Updated Code of Ethics page, from AAMFT 1998 version to 2001 version.
AUGUST 17, 2002-Added NEW Advertising Opps page for both Paid Advertising and Community Advertising and Announcements; updated News page; updated Menu page.
AUGUST 15, 2002- Update of all pages of website; removal of Practice Profiles
AUGUST 14, 2002- Announcement of CEU regulations coming; announcement of Associate Representative opening on CAMFT Board of Directors under NEWS
APRIL, 2002- Updated AAMFT links; Changed button to read "What's New on this WebSite?"
MARCH, 2002- CT Connection newsletter updated with new statements from Past President, New President, Past Executive Director and New Executive Director
JANUARY, 2002-New Board Officers and new Executive Director added to About CAMFT, Board of Directors button and Contact Us button
DECEMBER, 2001- AAMFT chooses new malpractice insurance carrier
OCTOBER, 2001- CAMFT Elections results for the 2001 Elections
SEPTEMBER, 2001- Added NEWS item. 

Connecticut Marriage and Family Therapists Respond to Families' Needs After Terrorist Attack on the USA-September 2001

  • Services donated
  • Press release
  • Grief Fact Sheet                        
JULY, 2001- "ASK MEL"--the new Marketing Committee's "e-line" is up and running. Like the Internet "AskJeeves", "ASK MEL" is a clearing house for information related to CAMFT, Marriage and Family Therapists and the practice of marriage and family therapy. Emails are already coming in to "ASK MEL" from MFTs, other allied professionals and consumers.

July was also the month that we linked the CAMFT website to the new AAMFT service which allows prospective members to access and download AAMFT applications from the AAMFT website. Go to "Why be a Member" under Member Info to access this link. 

And in July, Melissa updated the front page, Conferences, Committee Chairs, News, Board of Directors, Marketing Products, Elections, Ethical Code, What's New on the Web and Contact Us pages. Come check out the new information!!!

JUNE, 2001- Melissa updates the website to include a disclaimer about products and services mentioned on the website. Please see the bottom of the Ethical Code page.
APRIL, 2001-New information about the AAMFT Therapist Locator Directory is added under the Professional Development button.

More new employment opportunities. 

June 2 CAMFT Annual Spring Conference information is added under Conferences.

MARCH, 2001- Great news about the Toll Free Telephone Referral Service being offered to all clinical CAMFT members, for FREE, is added under NEWS button.

FEBRUARY, 2001 -New employment opportunities are added for MFTs to consider. 

-The April 6 CAMFT Annual Retreat information is added under Conferences. SAVE THE APRIL 6 DATE!!!

-The calendar is updated to include all  important 2001 dates. CAMFT annual conference is to be held on a SATURDAY, June 2, 2001. Save the date!!

-See Executive Director letters to the Connecticut Connection. Presidential letters will be added soon!

THANKSGIVING, 2000  Melissa finalizes a complete overhaul and update of names, dates, places and events. (Please advise if you see additional updates, changes, etc. needed, or have any other suggestions.)
MARCH - NOVEMBER, 2000  Updates of Conferences, Calendar, Employment Opportunities. 

FEBRUARY 13-20, 2000   Updates of both Legislative Relations and Employee Opportunities pages.

FEBRUARY 12, 2000   Re-design of the front page menu to better suit all browsers. Modification of all tables. Legislative and employment opportunities updates.

JANUARY 18-28, 2000   Melissa works with feedback from CAMFT members to renovate the site. Thanks to everyone who checked it out and made comments. Special thanks to Rick Starbuck and his eagle eye!
JANUARY 17, 2000  CAMFT WEBSITE is officially on the air!!! (But there are lots of renovations to do once it shows up online.)
JANUARY 17, 2000   Melissa pulls an 'all-nighter' and builds a new website, using disconnected remnants of the former website and simplifying various webpage components.
JANUARY 16, 2000   The team is excited at the prospect of completion of the site. In final preparation for the official airing, Melissa cleans up pages and deletes superfluous files. Home Page goes down. Murphy takes over--100 hours of work are off in cyberspace.
JANUARY 12, 2000    CAMFT web site is non-officially on the air! Al Guillorn and Melissa Thornton, with outside experts, are working to solve the last two glitches between FrontPage and html Internet language.
CHANGES MADE DECEMBER, 1999  Melissa Thornton (after four days of FrontPage computer courses and with tech help from Sarah Gutierrez) completes 45 page website--all pages created and all links checked. Published to Tripod site.
1998 Al Guillorn, CAMFT's renowned computer expert, works with several free sites to connect CAMFT with the Internet. Al and Mary Heckenlaible, then Executive Director, put together a skeleton website to hold the place and communicate CAMFT basics. Melissa Thornton is invited to share her marketing/art background with the team.


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