Bud Redhead - The Time Chase

It is no wonder that Bud Redhead – The Time Chase has won loads of awards – it is a truly addictive game in the well-known tradition of the classic computer games such as Sonic.

I was totally hooked within minutes of playing it for the first time. The story seems a simple one where you, as Bud, are searching for your girlfriend, Rachel, who was abducted right in front of you. That’s where the excitement begins as you race to find where Feyetta, the baddie of the piece who just happens to be an infamous intergalactic abductor, is holding your sweetheart.

Bud Redhead - The Time Chase

You travel through 4 different worlds, all beautifully designed, and collect points by gathering gold coins, jewels and fruit, all while avoiding dozens of crafty enemies and trying to negotiate the labyrinths that are each level.

At each critical point you are given helpful onscreen tips to ensure that you get the most out of the game. I loved it! I was soon immersed in the character of Bud and leaping, climbing, running, ducking and kicking my way in the hopes of seeing my Rachel again. The quest takes you to different worlds as well as various periods in time, constantly battling against the evil forces across space and time. The journey starts in the Forest of 8000 years ago, moves to Ancient Egypt, on to Medieval times and millions of years into the future to outer space.

There are literally thousands of variations to the journey Bud can take – you won’t be short of new adventures and, if you make it to the end, you have to survive the final showdown to win Rachel back. A good old fashioned shoot ‘em up is the perfect finale for a fantastic game.

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  5. Santosh Says:

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  9. ETomihiro Says:

    My son and I are on level 4.2 and we can see another area above us but we can not figure out how to get to it. Anyone have any tips?

  10. jefri Says:

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  11. annieoakley42 Says:

    Hello: I have finally made it to the Big Boss. But there are no hints or suggestions to help me figure out to to get rid of the Boss and open the door. I have about 27 men set up to win, but have no idea how to do anything but shoot. And there are too many bombs comming at me to fight them all off without any knowledge of the key to opening the door by the switch. Cannot figure that one out. Help please.

  12. Awanish Mishra Says:

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  13. yeiziz Says:

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