Rest your eyes and world-wide weary soul; you've come home at last - to the site that sends you only to the most useful and profoundly-thoughtful links. But first, tarry a few moments from the hectic pace of the frantic search - to savor your accomplishment at having arrived at the gateway to the treasures of modern technological compilation of the collective wisdom of human civilization summarized.

The challenge of this Age of Information is not the lack of information but rather distilling those few gems that will enable and empower one in the future going forward - with as little expenditure of time and energy than is absolutely necessary. As one who has surfed the archives of recorded thought, I know many are called but few are chosen -- or choose wisely, the premises upon which a sustainable lifestyle of depth and effectiveness can be founded on. Most of the sites you have seen so far have been destinations that only take one to further destinations endlessly rather than being the source from which no further "wild goose chases" are necessary, and so it seems, great importance is placed on getting there without ever having felt that one has truly arrived anywhere. One comes to feel that the more one finds, the less s/he is fulfilled by that information - that all is superficial, partial, and fragmented, signifying nothing. It is not quantity but depth that satisfies. The questions of the human condition have been given serious thought but the answers remain elusive, ignored, or unacceptable to most, conditioned as we have been to think that truth lies in tortuous complexity rather than ingenuous simplicity. Every great truth is a simple one.

But even when recognizing the truth as the truth, we may be fearful that one cannot secure a livelihood in acting upon those self-evident truths - as though the world required self-deception to succeed. "When does it pay off to be able to distinguish an authentic truth from the counterfeit?" The marketplace rewards those who can see things rightly and clearly, accepting what is happening as the understanding of the world and not being deluded by what should be - however much it should suit him to have it that way.

Enjoy the journey.

Mike Hu
Independent Writer/Researcher:

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Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

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