National Alliance celebrates Yule

From Netherlands . 21 December 2005


The Nationale Alliantie is a party that wants to put the Dutch culture in the centre of the attention and values our cultural heritage very much. That’s why the division Southwest, together with the Dietsland Jeugd (Nationale Alliantie Youth), decided to organize this year, for the first time, a Yule celebration. Yule is one of the most important festivities on the calendar of our Germanic ancestors, a celebration of fertility and light in dark times.

We can say that the Yule celebration was a successful one. As always, we had no complaints about the location. Again, we could enjoy the hospitality of the De Putter family, who opened their property for us to celebrate Yule. The De Putter family again organized this meeting very smoothly, we would like to thank them very much for that. In an atmosphere of comradeship, the attendants could listen to speeches from Wijnand de Putter, chairman of the division Southwest, secretary Mari Kostense, who spoke of the backgrounds of Yule and chairman Jan Teijn, who spoke of Christmas nowadays, which is becoming more and more a celebration of materialism. While enjoying a glass of mead and a piece of real Yule cake, which was baked by Dietsland Jeugd-board members René van Gestel and Gwen van Veen, who we’d like to thank very much for that, attendants toasted to a Dutch 2006, with attention for our backgrounds, our cultural heritage; a wish everyone wholeheartedly agreed with. The most memorable part of the day was when attendants jumped over the Yule fire, with this, one symbolically jumps from the old year into the new and there was also the customary gift-giving; our ancestors believed that the exchanging of gifts ties an unbreakable bond between giver and receiver, that’s why we asked attendants to bring a small present, which were distributed by means of a raffle system.

The day was concluded by a discussion on current topics and we spoke of plans which are on the agenda of the Nationale Alliantie next year. 2006 is certainly going to be a productive year and we can conclude that the Yule celebration was such a success, that it will certainly return to the agenda next year, perhaps also other celebrations from the Germanic calendar will be added to the agenda. The old traditions and customs of our ancestors didn’t extinguish, they are always there, slumbering, rooted deep in our nature and flowing in our blood. And they will always be.

2006. Copyright European National Front. All rights reserved.