Why Cannondale?
 S I   I N T E G R A T E D   C R A N K S E T


Hollowgram Si Crank

How does Cannondale define performance?

Every season we look at every bike the same way:

  • Weight : How can we make it lighter, accelerate faster?

  • Efficiency : How can we ensure that energy is not wasted- it's transferred- to faster sprints, easier climbs?

  • Fit : How well does your bike know you?

  • Comfort : How can we make sure you enjoy the whole ride and look forward to getting back into the saddle?

What do you want out of a crankset?

  • You want it lighter.
      - Lighter because you know that every gram gives you an advantage
      • Less weight to carry up the hill
      • Less weight to thrust into a sprint
      • Less weight for easier handling

  • You want it stiffer.
      - Because you know that you'll get more power out of every pedal stroke
      • No wasted energy
      • Faster sprints
      • Efficient climbs

  • What We Know…
    • We are materials experts.
    • We know that BIGGER IS BETTER! Larger tubing allows us to build bikes stronger, stiffer and lighter.
    • We know increasing performance requires breaking convention.
    • We know that when conventional geometry has reached its barrier it's time to break the mold.
    • We know that by expanding aluminum tubing we can use less material in the walls, create more surface area for welds- making it both lighter and stiffer.

Hollowgram Si

Progress = The disruption of convention
…we start every development cycle with dissatisfaction in the pit of our stomachs

System Integration
Our process is single minded- a frame and components are co-developed as one bike… …not as a frame and bunch of parts

When available components don't meet our
co-developed performance specifications- we rewrite the rules and develop it ourselves.

13 years ago Cannondale changed frame standards by externalizing bearings to get a stiffer pedaling system.
(it took Shimano 11 more years to realize this was a good idea)

Cycling Evolution

1991 >>>> today

The Next Level
SI Hollowgram
Integrated Crank-Set

  • Objective:
      - More efficient pedaling
      - Lighter, faster bikes

  • Strategy:
      - Focus on the interface of the one area where human power and mechanical leverage is most intimate… the crank and bottom bracket.

An oversized Bottom Bracket shell that is lighter and stiffer.
An oversized spindle that is lighter and stiffer.
SI Hollowgram crank arms that are lighter and stiffer.
(Or SI carbon crank arms depending on rider preference.)
The lightest, stiffest crankset on the planet and unmatched performance in each pedal stroke.

Lighter and stiffer than Shimano Dura-Ace.

Proof Positive
Cannondale tests ALL cranks the same way. We restrain the crank with the 39T chain ring and apply a load through the left hand crank instead of the right hand crank. This method captures data in four critical areas of crank system performance.

  • Bending and torsional stiffness of the left crank arm
  • Interface between the crank arm and the spindle (at both ends)
  • The torsional and bending stiffness of the bottom bracket spindle
  • The torsional stiffness of the spider and chain-rings


Hollowgram Si

Pro Athlete Field Testing
Because legs powerful enough to win at this level demand a ride that can get them on the podium

Cannondale Backyard Field Testing
Because we're our own toughest critics!

The Bottom Line
Cannondale vs. Shimano Comparison
Shimano Dura-Ace is the perceived performance industry standard over Campy and FSA

Comparison Chart

The Bottom Line
Cannondale SI cranks are:
10% Stiffer than DuraAce
85 Grams Lighter

When integrated with our oversized bottom bracket shell, the results:
Lighter/Stiffer = More Power in each pedal stroke
More Power= Faster
Faster= Better

Which Cannondale Bikes Feature SI Cranksets?