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Transcript of Kevin Cosgrove's call to 911
April 10, 2006

A transcript of Kevin Michael Cosgrove's chilling call to 911.

WARNING: Contains explicit language.

9-11: What's the telephone number I can tell FD to push up? What's the telephone number you're calling from?

KC: I can barely see.

9-11: You can barely see?

KC: 4-4-1... .

9-11: 4-4-1... .

KC: 2-6-2-3

9-11: That's on the 105th floor of the Northwest corner, right?

KC: Right.

9-11: At number Two World Trade Center?

KC: Right ... Lady, there's two of us in this office. We're not ready to die, but it's getting bad.

9-11: I understand, sir. We're trying to get all the apparatuses there. I am trying to let them know where you are. Stay on the line

KC: Oh, please hurry.

Fire Department: Let me talk to the caller please ... Let me talk to the caller. Where is he?

9-11: He's on the line.

FD: Let me talk to him ... Where is the fire, sir?

KC: Smoke really bad. 105 Two Tower.

FD: Alright. Sit tight. We'll get to you as soon as we can.

KC: They keep saying that, but the smoke's really bad now.

FD: That's all we can do now.

KC: What floor are you guys up to?

FD: We're getting there. We're getting there.

KC: Doesn't feel like it, man. I got young kids.

FD: I understand that, sir. We're on the way.

9-11: He's on the 105th floor in the Northwest corner.

KC: He hung up on me ... Hello, operator?

9-11: Yes?

KC: Come on, man.

9-11: We have everything we need, sir.

KC: I know you do, but doesn't seem like it ... You got lots of people up here.

9-11: I understand.

KC: I know you got a lot in the building, but we are on the top. Smoke raises, too. We are on the floor. We're in the window. I can barely breathe now. I can't see.

9-11: Okay, just try to hang in there. I'm going to stay with you.

KC: You can say that, you're in an air-conditioned building. What the hell happened?

9-11: Okay. I'm still here ... still trying ... The Fire Department is trying to get to you.

KC: Doesn't feel like it.

9-11: Okay, try to calm down so you can conserve your oxygen, okay? Try to ...

KC: Tell God to blow the wind from the West. It's really bad. It's black. It's arid. Does anyone else wanna chime in here? We're young men. We're not ready to die.

9-11: I understand.

KC: How the hell are you going to get my ass down? I need oxygen.

9-11: They're coming. They're getting you. They have a lot of apparatuses on the scene.

KC: It doesn't feel like it, lady. You get them in from all over. You get 'em in from Jersey. I don't give a shit. Ohio.

9-11: Okay, sir. What's your last name?

KC: Name's Cosgrove. I must have told you about a dozen times already. C.O.S.G.R.O.V.E. My wife thinks I'm alright. I called and said I was leaving the building and that I was fine and then -- bang ... Cherry. Doug Cherry. Doug Cherry's next to me. 105. Whose office? John Ostaru's office?

9-11: That's where he said? That's the office?

KC: We're in John Ostaru's office. O.S.T.A.R.U.

9-11: A.R.U.

KC: Right. That's the office we're in. There are three of us in here.

9-11: Ostaru. Hello?

KC: Hello. We're looking in ... We're overlooking the Financial Center. Three of us. Two broken windows. Oh God. Oh ... (the tower collapses)

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