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A Little levity . . .

There's nothing like a little laughter to break up the day. Everyone of us should take the time to laugh a bit each day. Hope these little ditty's can help you today!


24 Church Bulletin Bloopers
Definitions for everyday parents
Top Ten Ways to know you are in a "different" church
One very puritan father's household laws
Why my dog won't use a computer
Things you don't want to hear during surgery
48 Things To Say To The Pizza Guy
Top Ten ways to know you are a college student
The Top 19 Rejected Intentional Sports Team names
Hard Luck Sailor
Letters to God From Children
A Dumb Call to Customer Service
Packer Fan Application
Junior's Revenge
Hymns appropriate for any occasion

15 Ways to Annoy People
Actual Bumper Stickers
Funny Signs in Kenya
Too many Christmas cookies?

Good News / Bad News
Christian Pick Up Lines
Christmas Carol Quiz
Questions about Love and Marriage posed to kids
Politically Correct Santa
How Teaching Math has changed
Writing a Term Paper
Label Instructions for idiots. . .
Top Ten things never heard in church
Jesus' Birth if it happened today!
Strange but true factsNorm Peterson's Famous Lines


Norm Peterson's Famous Lines
How many to change a light bulb?
Oops . . .Did I say that?
Answering machine one-liners
An Amish encounter
A Cosmic Battle
One Nasty Virus
Why Sports Scholarships are an oxymoron
The twenty shortest books ever written
The World's easiest quiz?
A faithful dog
The new language in Europe
Famous Yogi Berra Quotes
How to give a cat a pill
Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy

Deep Thoughts by Kids
Top Ten Ways Bible differs if college students wrote it
In your face, Bill Gates!
Real BLOOPER Newspaper Headlines
How to know if you are a real Minnesotan
Things that make you go hmmm . . .
Things that make you go hmmm . . .(part 2)

Archeology, with a twist!
Hymns, if we were honest
Why it's great to be a guy!
Actual Parental Excuses
Famous Dog Quotes
The Dog Died!
Some facts about Santa
What If Dr. Seuss Wrote Technical Documentation?
A Packer fan joke



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