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Corporate Media Willfully Ignores Charlie Sheen's Challenge
But some balanced reports get squashed by censors

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison | April 13 2006

The London Observer carried an article in this week's edition by movie critic Mark Kermode which again wholesale refused to address any of the evidence that Charlie Sheen had raised to clarify his stance on 9/11.

Charlie Sheen is an actor who has exhaustively researched 9/11. Mark Kermode is a movie critic who, judging from his pathetic hit piece, has swallowed without question what the US government told him happened on 9/11 without one iota of independent investigation.

Kermode alludes to the tired old argument that believing the government was involved in the attack enables people to sleep better at night because it brings a sense of order to a chaotic world.

This echoes syndicated columnist Betsy Hart's ravings, who said that people who think anyone else but Al-Qaeda was involved are just afraid to face the frightening reality of Muslim hordes who want to kill us.

Both hit pieces completely miss the boat on two fronts.

a) Charlie Sheen never claimed to know who was behind the attack, he simply raised unanswered questions brought about as a result of researching the official version of events and discovering that it was an impossibility.

b) Neither piece addresses one single shred of evidence that Charlie Sheen raised in either his first or second interview on The Alex Jones Show, even after Charlie Sheen issued an invitation that the establishment media challenge him on the facts.

Kermode (pictured) resorts to eye-rolling psychological gymnastics in an attempt to avoid talking about a topic of which he obviously has very limited knowledge.

"The real reason people believe in such wild conspiracies is simple - it's more reassuring. In the case of 9/11, there is something perversely comforting about the idea that, behind all the chaos, the American government was always in control, carefully orchestrating the events of that terrible day."


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Let's flip this around.

The real reason people believe whatever the government says is simple - it's more reassuring. In the case of 9/11, there is something comforting about the idea that, behind all the chaos, Muslims from other countries that our government can find and destroy were carefully orchestrating the events of that terrible day.

Which is more frightening? The enemy that you can see or an unknown enemy lurking in the darkness?

Which is more frightening? A rag tag group of Muslims from a far away land? Or a huge, hulking, powerful military-industrial complex with the world's most potent army behind it?

He laughs at 'conspiracy theorists' for associating the 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate with fact of any kind, blissfully unaware that Senate Hearings took place and Bill Clinton later apologized for that fact that the CIA did create MK Ultra, a project designed to create a Manchurian Candidate.

He turns to United 93 film maker Paul Greengrass, now the apparent authority on anything Flight 93, who confidently informs Kermode that, "The stuff about the plane being shot down is simply not true."

Perhaps Paul can explain to us how a plane that is supposedly intact before it hits the ground after the "let's roll" scenario causes debris to be spread over an 8 mile radius?

Kermode then mixes in Elvis and faked moon landings to try and frame the entire debate in a context of frivolousness and incredulity.

"I had to abandon my adolescent fantasies. Others should do the same. It is chaos, rather than conspiracy, which really rules the world, " concludes Kermode, a pretty broad statement considering he has just claimed to put his finger on how the planet operates without citing a single slither of proof.

When Charlie Sheen sent his email statement to the London Guardian in response to their shoddy hit-piece on his recent questions about the official 9/11 story, we expected the prestigious newspaper to follow-up by taking his challenge to cover the facts.

We should have known better than to think the mainstream media (MSM) would take up such a challenge. The Guardian's response was to mock his serious comments and take more jabs at Sheen's character and oeuvre.

Although Sheen has helped to bring questions about 9/11 to a larger audience than ever, the mainstream media seems to be willfully pushing the news about a growing 9/11 Truth Movement to the back of the arts & entertainment sections. As ever, recent reports about the 9/11 Truth Movement in the Guardian's sister publication, the London Observer are little more than skewed comedy routines on those wacky conspiracy-types.

So while the MSM continues the strategy of deny and conquer, the blogosphere has championed the story of the Sheen's questions (as well as the growing number of other high profile skeptics), the MSM backlash, and the growing 9/11 Truth Movement.

Sites like and others have sprung up to spread the word and remind people that despite the MSM's attempt to convince us that we are alone in our "speculations" the numbers of people that are unconvinced by the government's official story of what happened on 9/11 is growing exponentially every day. For a site in existence for only a few weeks to have received thousands of votes on their polls questioning if 9/11 was an inside job is no small thing.

Charlie Sheen and his brave step into the spotlight for 9/11 Truth has opened the floodgates for people everywhere who have questions about 9/11 but up until this point have been too afraid to voice them. He has done what no one has until now, he has begun to make it acceptable to offer dissent about the official line and as more like him begin to publicly ask questions we will overwhelm the whitewash and the people who perpetrated it.

One such individual who viewed Charlie Sheen's courageousness as an inspiration was Winnipeg Free Press columnist Dallas Hansen from whom we received the following e mail.

"As a regular op-ed columnist for the *Winnipeg Free Press* since October, 2004, I have had only two submissions refused by my editor, both of which concerned the Bush administration and information first discovered on your websites."

In one of the columns, entitled Sept. 11 is my generation's Nov. 22, Hansen addressed points that Sheen had actually raised as evidence for his doubts on 9/11, something which every MSM hit piece has thus far failed to do.

Appearing Wednesday on the Alex Jones show, Hansen (pictured) made it clear that his column was just editorializing on the cultural phenomenon of a major Hollywood actor discussing a major modern day event. Yet his editor was vehement in stating that the column would not run under any circumstances, despite the fact that, as we saw in the case of CNN's Showbiz Tonight, interest in the subject is at an all time high and it boost viewership and readership figures.

This mirrors other examples where higher powers have acted to squash any coverage of this issue despite its rampant popularity.

Alex Jones' appearance on Fox News and Ed Asner's appearance on CNN to discuss Charlie Sheen's position on 9/11 were both cancelled at the last minute after pressure from above.

The lapdog establishment press have failed to address Charlie Sheen's challenge across the board. They have continued to idly gossip about Sheen's private life, his immature behavior from 20 years ago, and performed catch-all meandering mental somersaults in order to avoid the one thing they fear.

Having a real debate on 9/11 in which the evidence is laid out in the open.

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