New Republic Intelligence (NRI):

An organization that is the successor to the old network of Rebel spies and other interim groups such as the Senate Interplanetary Intelligence Network (SPIN). In the New Republic goverment, the NRI falls under the jurisdiction of the General Ministry. The headquarters of the NRI lies deep within Coruscant, although they have safe houses throughout the galaxy on planets such Corellia and Wayland.

N.R.I. Reports:

Report from New Republic security chief on Bakura:
A complaint was recorded from nearby salvage operator working for the New Republic in the Endor system. The salvager was under contract to strip derelict Star Destroyers orbiting Endor, but when his team arrived they found no armor, shield generators, or power cores onboard the starships. New Republic records indicate that only the armaments were removed from these ships and all other systems should be intact. While the breach of contract issue needs to be settled by the Senate, a higher priority should be placed on locating the missing equipment.

Report from Rogue Leader:
While returning from a routine patrol to Phaeda, Rogue Squadron encountered an old Sentinel-class Imperial shuttle near Cairn, but it was lost in the asteroid field. I want to request an intelligence report on all unaccounted Cygnus Spaceworks or Sienar Fleet Systems transports and landing craft sold to the Empire, as well as a list of possible current owners for this type of ship. I recommend increasing the New Republic presence in the Lenico system until this ship can be identified. It is unlikely that the starship is acting independently. Rogue Squadron is currently heading into the Deep Core to look into the connections between Admiral Horrsk and the rumors of rogue Imperial ships forming allegiances with the warlords in that region.

Report from independent agent, Kyle Katarn
To: Mon Mothma
From: Kyle Katarn
Mission to Tatooine successful. Imperial recruiters have been rousted as planned. Imperial resistance greater than anticipated - please adjust pay accordingly. Remnant casualties low, but apparent ringleader dead (but not before he could rattle on about being "reborn," whatever that means). I have uncovered information that Imperials are searching for "Force sensitive" recruits. Next time you have a mission dealing with the Force, leave me out of it - Skywalker is your on-call Jedi.

Report from NRI agent on Honoghr
Several sources report that Imperial Remnant forces have been consolidating in the Outer Rim under the leadership of former Imperial Navy Admiral Galak Fyyar. While the build-up is still relatively small, it could pose a threat to the New Republic should it continue. A background check on Fyyar reveals that he was known more for his technological innovation than his skills as a military leader during the time of the Empire. He worked closely with the Emperor before his death and disappeared for several years after Palpatine's death. It appears his prominence in the Remnant has grown significantly since he returned to action two years ago.

Report from Senator of Varonat
Former New Republic officer Lando Calrissian recently approached the Senate to request aid in increasing Cloud City's security forces. He reported growing criminal syndicate activities in the city, but gave no evidence or details about the problem. We doubt Calrissian's intentions and motives, since he has not officially held a position at that mining colony since he left his post as Baron Administrator nine years ago, and therefore denied his request. A background check on Calrissian revealed several questionable business dealings revolving around Outer Rim mining operations, and it appears that since he left the New Republic he has distanced himself from the Senate. My staff believes that there are two probable courses of action from Calrissian. The first would be to enlist the help from his powerful connections still left in the New Republic (the Solos and Luke Skywalker) to persuade the Senate. Second, he may use his vast personal resources to personally improve Cloud City's defenses. I would like to file a request to gather more intelligence on Calrissian's current connection to Cloud City and the settlement's alleged problems.

Update on Jedi Academy recruitment
Luke Skywalker and his team are returning from Dathomir where they successfully made contact with a prospective praxeum student. Skywalker also mentioned several reports from the Lenico system about a woman who uses Force powers for criminal gain, but he has no knowledge of a Force-sensitive resident of that area of the Galaxy. He has requested an updated intelligence report on other possible candidates for his academy

Report from NRI agent on Tatooine
To: Mon Mothma
From: Captain Loftus
The recovery and incarceration team has arrived on Tatooine as instructed. We have located the Imperial headquarters previously raided by Kyle Katarn. His report was understated, to say the least. Imperial casualties were evidently very high. We have found only one terrified survivor, who is en route to Coruscant for questioning. At the risk of overstepping my bounds, I humbly request that agent Katarn be prohibited from undertaking further intelligence-gathering missions. He continues to exhibit a run-and-gun attitude and ask questions with his blaster. Additional report to follow once we interrogate our prisoner.

Report from informant on Nar Shaddaa
A large shipment of Tenloss Disintegrator rifles have disappeared from a cargo ship refueling on Nar Shaddaa. The ship was bound for Belsavis, but there have been no official complaints registered with the New Republic yet. No information was available about who may have been responsible for taking these rifles or why the shipment was headed to Belsavis.

Request from Senator of Bilbringi
There has been an official request placed by a Senator from Bilbringi to send a communications crew to the mining colony on Artus Prime near the Outer Rim. One of the last weekly transmissions from the colony administrator revealed the discovery of a large deposit of Artusian crystals. Since then, however, there have been no further transmissions to the Senate regarding the collection and processing of the Artusian crystals as required by New Republic ordinance 20098-B outlining the handling of substances considered unstable and/or dangerous.

Report from NRI agent on Bespin
After investigating the situation on Cloud City there was no evidence of any major public disturbances that would require New Republic assistance. The settlement should therefore remain under the control of the local authorities. As for Calrissian's connection, further investigations are necessary. It is either a very minor connection or a very well concealed one. I would like to formally request the ability to make contact with Calrissian personally to evaluate his current situation.

Report from NRI communications team
Several transmissions encrypted with an older Imperial code have been sent from Kejim, the home of a defunct Imperial listening post. Kejim has been abandoned since the destruction of the Death Star. We are currently working on breaking the code. The signal of the transmissions was very weak and it is highly unlikely that Kejim is up and operating again for the Remnant or anyone else at this time.

Report from NRI agent in Hutt Space
An informant on Nar Shaddaa has revealed some interesting information. It appears that a garbage hauling and disposal company from Nar Shaddaa has just won a contract to handle these services for all of Cloud City. However, Cloud City has never required this service before because they have always recycled their garbage for use as fuel for the gas mining operation. In addition, the garbage hauling company is owned and operated by Reelo Baruk, a formerly notorious Rodian gangster who has managed to keep his snout clean in recent years. A thorough background check on Baruk revealed that even though he was one of the most highly regarded crime bosses in Hutt space (a difficult feat for a non-Hutt), he has evidently turned his back on crime. All of his company paperwork is official and registered with the New Republic. It appears that he has become the only legitimate businessman on Nar Shaddaa.

Report from NRI communications team
The low quality of the Kejim transmissions has made deciphering the entire dialogue nearly impossible. There are small pieces that are decipherable, however. The transmissions seem to be directed to a Galak Fyyar, former Imperial Navy Admiral who has been active in the Outer Rim recently. It appears Kejim may be up and operational for the Remnant after all.

Report from NRI agent on Coruscant
In response to the request from the Senator from Bilbringi, a supply ship with a communications crew was sent to the mining colony of Artus Prime. The ship was due back yesterday, but has yet to return. And there have been no transmissions from that ship since it reached the Outer Rim.

Request from Mon Mothma
Locate agents Kyle Katarn and Jan Orrs in regards to the Kejim situation. Give them no details on the situation, and let me know as soon as they come in range of my personal comm system, as I wish to brief them personally.

Report from NRI interrogation officer on Coruscant
Besides several stories about the questionable techniques of agent Kyle Katarn, very little information was gathered from the interviews with the Imperial survivor arrested on Tatooine. He did however reveal that his orders originated from Kejim, but after significant probing it seems as though the Remnant entrusted very little information to those operating on the desert planet. Request advisement on next course of action with the current captive.

Report from NRI communications team
Kejim communications have been successfully translated. We will transmit them to you immediately. Stand by. Also, Kyle Katarn and Jan Orrs are currently coming into range, Mon Mothma. You should be able to reach them by comlink.

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