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I have currently indexed 12 West Country newspapers - please choose from the list below. In general only names from Somerset/Dorset/Devon/Cornwall have been included. For the Bridgwater Advertiser 'The Alfred' 1832, only Somerset, Devon and Dorset entries have been included. Each year's index contains around 3000-5000 names.

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Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury 1773 A-F G-M N-Z

Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury 1774 A-F G-M N-Z

Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury 1775 A-F G-M N-Z

Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury 1776 A-F G-M N-Z

Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury 1777 A-F G-M N-Z

Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury 1778 A-F G-M N-Z

Taunton and Bridgwater Journal 1814 19 Feb only

Front page of first Taunton Courier 1808

Taunton Courier 1810 A-F G-M N-Z

Taunton Courier 1811 A-F G-M N-Z

Taunton Courier 1812 A-F G-M N-Z

Bridgwater and Somerset Advertiser (Jan 1831-Aug 1831) A-F G-M N-Z

Bridgwater and Somerset Advertiser (Aug 1831-Dec 1832) A-F G-M N-Z

Bridgwater and Somerset Advertiser (Jan - Dec 1833) All

Bridgwater Times 1847 28 Jan only

Taunton Journal 1725-27 All

Norris's Taunton Journal contains little local news

If an entry mentions no location it is likely to be in London

WW1 Soldiers in Bridgwater Mercury photos index to photos

Zipped file of some of the above indexes 

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Newspapers of this period contained many snippets of information of use to family and local historians. Some articles are very brief with names often being just part of a long list. Of most interest are the following:

Insolvent debtors - These often list place of birth and previous parishes

Runaway Apprentices - A vivid description of the runaway is often listed including age and appearance.

House and land sales - Tenants names are usually given and sometimes their age.

Deaths and notices to creditors - these sometimes link up the various members of a family from far flung parishes.

Besides Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall entries there are a number of names from other parts of the country. Where a person is mentioned many times during a year I've included only a few entries.

Good luck with your research.

P.S If you've found these indexes useful I'd appreciate it if you would let me know of any Mansfield's/Manfield names you come across in your research in the Somerset area particularly any William Mansfields born around 1760. 

Copies of the Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury are held at the Somerset Studies Library Paul St Taunton

Copies of the Bridgwater Advertiser are held at Bridgwater Library Binford Place

Copies of the Taunton Courier are held at the British Newspaper Library in London

Thanks to the Admiral Blake Museum Bridgwater for the Taunton and Bridgwater Journal and the Bridgwater Times

Last updated 2/01/2005