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Testing base udev 090-1 The userspace dev tools (udev) 2006-04-18
Testing daemons apache 2.2.0-2 A high performance Unix-based HTTP server (with SSL) 2006-02-13
Testing daemons ntp 4.2.0a-5 NTP (Network Time Protocol) tries to keep servers in sync 2006-03-29
Testing devel lua 5.1-1 A powerful light-weight programming language designed for extending applications. 2006-04-17
Testing devel openldev 0.5.6-1 OpenLDev is a graphical front-end to various Linux development tools such as gcc, autotools and make. 2006-03-31
Testing devel php 5.1.2-4 A high-level scripting language 2006-04-12
Testing devel subversion 1.3.1-2 Replacement for CVS, another versioning system (svn) 2006-04-15
Testing kernels kernel26beyond 2.6.16.beyond2-1 The Linux Kernel and modules, with the Beyond patchset. 2006-04-11
Testing lib apr 1.2.2-2 The Apache Portable Runtime 2006-02-13
Testing lib apr-util 1.2.2-2 The Apache Portable Runtime 2006-02-13
Testing lib gamin 0.1.7-1 Gamin is a file and directory monitoring system defined to be a subset of the FAM (File Alteration Monitor) system. 2005-11-21
Testing lib icon-naming-utils 0.7.1-1 Maps the new names of icons for Tango to the legacy names used by the GNOME and KDE desktops. 2006-03-19
Testing lib perl-xml-simple 2.14-2 Simple XML parser for perl 2006-03-19
Testing office hplip 0.9.10-1 Drivers for HP DeskJet, OfficeJet, Photosmart, Business Inkjet and some LaserJet. 2006-03-30
Testing system mailman 2.1.7-1 Mailing list manager with built in web access 2006-04-01
Testing system mkinitramfs 1.4-6 A tool to create the initramfs image 2006-04-09
Testing x11 nvidia 1.0.8756-1 Drivers for XFree86/X.Org 2006-04-08
Testing x11-drivers xf86-video-ati ati video driver 2006-04-17
Testing x11-drivers xf86-video-i810 Intel i810/i830/i915 video drivers 2006-03-09
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