Halfway to Lambeth

At the halfway point between the last Lambeth Conference and the next, due in 2008, Halfway to Lambeth will be a unique occasion to provide an opportunity for bishops, and others from the Anglican Communion, to "listen to the experience of homosexual people" [Resolution 1.10 Lambeth Conference, 1998] and to make preparations to ensure that the experience of lesbian and gay Anglicans is fully and accurately reflected at the next Lambeth Conference.

Bringing together a wide variety of leading Anglicans from several countries, including for the first time lesbian and gay Anglicans from South America, Africa and Asia the conference will enable their witness  and experience to be articulated and explored in a safe environment.

The conference will proactively begin a process which will help set the agenda on sexuality for the next Lambeth Conference.

Anglican Lesbian and gay ministries and programmes from several countries will be sharing the hopes for the next Lambeth Conference and bringing their stories to Manchester in preparation for Cape Town 2008.

Conference Consultants

A broadly-based panel of leading Anglican s from several countries, including primates, bishops, deans, theologians, academics, and those committed to working for and inclusive church are acting as advisors, although not all will be present at the conference.

Rt Rev Richard Appleby
Most Rev Dr Phillip Aspinall
Rev Ed Bacon
Rt Rev John Austin Baker
Prof Eileen Barker
Rt Rev Michael Bourke
Ben Bradshaw, MP
Rt Rev Terry Brown
Most Rev Dr Peter F Carnley
Rt Rev Mervyn E Castle
Rt Rev Neville Chamberlain
Rt Rev John B Chane
Prof Christopher C H Cook
Rt Rev Dr Davis John Coles
Rt Rev George H D Connor
Rev Canon Nicholas Coulton
Rev Dr L William Countryman
Dr Louie Crew
Canon Trevor Dennis
Very Rev David Edwards
Rt Rev John Flack
Rev Dr Giles Fraser
Rev Jane Fraser
Ven David Gerrard
Prof Robin Gill
Rt Rev John Gladwin

Prof Timothy Gorringe
Prof Elaine Graham
Rt Rev Rupert Hoare
Rt Rev Richard Holloway
Rt Rev Barry Hollowell
Rev Nick Holtam
Rev Michael W Hopkins
Dr Stephen Hunt
Rt Rev Robert W Ihloff
Jo Ind
Rt Rev Michael C Ingham
Rt Rev David Jenkins
Rev Christopher M Jones
Dr Gareth Jones
Rev Canon Elizabeth Kaeton
David Lammy, MP
Rt Rev Richard Lewis
Prof Andrew Linzey
Most Rev Walter P K Makhulu
Rt Rev Michael Marshall
Rt Rev Murray J Mills
Rt Rev Hugh Montefiore
Rt Rev Barry Morgan
Rt Rev Jack Nicholls
Rt Rev Percy R O'Driscoll
Canon Paul Oestreicher

Rt Rev John Oliver
Rt Rev John R Packer
Rt Rev Stephen Pedley
Dr Martyn Percy
Christina Rees
Rt Rev Henry Richmond
Rev Canon Gene Robinson
Rt Rev David Russell
Rev Susan Russell
Rt Rev John Saxbee
Dr Jane Shaw
Very Rev Colin B Slee
Nicola Slee
Very Rev Rowan Smith
Rt Rev Jack Spong
Rt Rev Andrew St John
Very Rev Victor Stock
Very Rev Robert V Taylor
Prof Adrian Thatcher
Prof Brian Thorne
Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Rt Rev Stephen Verney
Rt Rev Duncan Wallace
Rev Canon Prof Keith Ward
Rev Dr Kevin Ward
Rev Canon Hugh M Wybrew