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Art Bell Remarries

Airyn Ruiz Bell
Legendary Coast-to-Coast AM host Art Bell has remarried. His romance with Philippine national Airyn Ruiz began after he was introduced to her via internet videoconferencing, by a friend in the ham radio hobby.

They spent countless hours conferencing together. Whitley Strieber says, "It became obvious to me after a very short time that this young woman Art had met online was a remarkable and unusual human being. She and Art connected immediately and deeply."

Their online romance blossomed. Strieber continues, "I was very worried about Art at the time. He was struggling with a great grief. Ramona was so marvelous, and he felt as if his life was over. It took courage for him to do it, but he chose to make changes, and not let his life stop."

Art has bought a condo in Manila, and the Bells plan to make their residence there. He will continue as the weekend host of Coast to Coast AM, broadcasting from his apartment there just as he has from his home in Pahrump.

Anne Strieber comments, "Whitley almost lost me, but we were lucky. Art and Mona were not, but she and I shared very much the same spirit, and I know what she would say to Art if she could: go for it, fella. Choose life!'

Mr and Mrs. Strieber, and all of us at Unknowncountry.com, wish the Bells all happiness and every joy of their union.

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