The Midrealm

The Midrealm, being the third oldest kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).
Properly known as the Middle Kingdom, it consists of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, part of Kentucky, a nip of Iowa, and a bit of Ontario.

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 News of the Realm

New Dragon Herald Selected

Congratulations to Master Thorvald Redhair who has beed selected to succeed Master Rory mac Feidhlimidh as the new Dragon Principal Herald

New Webminister

Congratulations to Baron Rocco Barbarbossa who has beed installed as the new Middle Kingdom Webminister

30 days at a glance
27-30 - Blackstone Raid XVI
28-30 - Melee in the Woods IV
29 - Collgium Artus Vulgarium
  - Midlands Regional A & S & the Colle
  - Northern Oaken Regional Arts And Sc
  - Saltatoris Dance Guild's Regional D
  - St. Joan Ball
5-7 - Mayfaire
5-15 - A 40th Year Celebration in An Tir
6 - Andelcrag's Baronial Althing
  - Armored Egg Hunt
  - Fun with Weasels: Return of the Iro
  - Simple Pleasures
12-14 - Baron Wars IX
13 - Herbal Symposium II
  - Merc Wars 1: Best Mercenary Competi
18-21 - Aethelmearc War Practice
19-21 - Chaos Caravan
20 - Butts 'n Bales
  - Pentamere Regional A&S

 What's New

Midrealm Bards

A link has been added to MidBards, the on-line home of the Mid-Realm bardic community.

Midrealm Songbook

Also be sure to visit the Midrealm Songbook, a database of Midrealm lyrics.

Regalia site

A link has been added to the regalia site, a gallery of all the Kingdom regalia.

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