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What's New at JAST USA?

Hello again from JAST USA, the world's leading provider of quality bishoujo games in English!

First of all, an update on our current projects. We're happy to announce that Doushin - Same Heart is nearly out of beta testing and will be shipping in the near future. This is a fantastic game with a fresh and unique story in which you play through the eyes of the three Suruga sisters, Ryoko, Maki and Miho, experiencing the game events from their point of view and "zapping" freely from character to character to experience a new aspect of the game story. The story is all the more interesting because of the strange power that the three sisters share: if one feels a sensation, such a pain, all three will feel the same sensation at the same time, and if one Suruga sister gets turned on, the other two will do the same, no matter where they are or who they're with. Since this game was created by the team that brought us Tokimeki Check in! and X-Change 2, we are sure you will love it. Fully translated into English (including fully translated menus), this will be a great title when it ships, and we hope you'll considering showing your support for bishoujo games by preordering the game, and getting free shipping for your trouble. Our other preorder games, such as X-Change 3 and Yin-Yang, are also in heavy beta testing as we work to get these two titles out to you as quickly as we can.

For yaoi fans, remember that Enzai - Falsely Accused is released and available now. A great title for fans of "BL" games, Enzai is the first-ever yaoi dating-sim to be brought out for fans in the English-speaking world. Set in Napoleonic France, the multi-scenario game is the story of Guys, a youth sentenced to life in prison for a murder he didn't commit. He has to accumulate evidence to clear his name, and is helped or hindered by those he encounters in prison. The company is Langmaor, and they've got a lot of interest in bringing future yaoi titles out to fans outside of Japan. We hope all fans of BL will show their support by buying the game!

Remember, you can buy Internet Download editions of all G-Collections games from JAST USA, giving you a great choice: download or shrinkwrapped CD-ROM. If you're a collector of Japan's amazing dating-sim games, you might opt for the CD-ROM versions to get the "looking cool on a shelf" effect. Or if you keep your files in digital format anyway and if you've got a broadband Internet connection, go for the download version, which includes the revamped V-Mate 2.0 with support for many more computers and removal of licenses from your old computer when you upgrade. Also, the Internet Download versions are made to be easy to backup: just run the installer to install the game, then back it up on CD-R for later use (although you still retain the right to download it again if need be). JAST USA is all about choice -- now all you have to do is figure out which games you want to play this week.

That's all for now -- thanks for being a fan of Japan's amazing bishoujo games!


Copyright (C) 2005 JAST USA, all rights reserved.

Very important note: No model or character depicted in any adult situation in any product JAST USA sells is under the age of 18. JAST USA is very careful to screen the products we sell and will not sell any product featuring models or artwork of characters under the age of 18 involved in sexual situations.