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Missing Doctor Who tapes

Doctor Who needs your help. Back when the series first started, no one imagined it would become so popular and sadly, some of the old episodes have been lost. They wouldn't have been on DVD or VHS, but on film stored in a film can.

Miraculously, some of these films have been unearthed - at boot fairs and even in people's attics.

We want you to keep your eyes peeled for these missing episodes - ask your friends, relatives, parents - help them sort through their old belongings. You may just get lucky!

If you do find anything that looks like it could be an old episode of Doctor Who then email us here at Blue Peter.

You would be able to keep whatever you find - we would just take a copy of the original.  You could even earn yourself a reward - a full sized classic Dalek model!

Missing Episodes

The First Doctor (1963-1966) WILLIAM HARTNELL

MARCO POLO (All episodes missing)

  • The Roof of the World (Episode 1)
  • The Singing Sands (Episode 2)
  • Five Hundred Eyes (Episode 3)
  • The Wall of Lies (Episode 4)
  • Rider from Shang-Tu (Episode 5)
  • Mighty Kublai Khan (Episode 6)
  • Assassin at Peking (Episode 7)

THE REIGN OF TERROR (Episodes 4, 5 missing)

  • A Tyrant of France (Episode 4)
  • A Bargain of Necessity (Episode 5)

THE CRUSADE (Episodes 2 and 4 missing)

  • The Knight of Jaffa (Episode 2)
  • The War Lords (Episode 4)

GALAXY FOUR (All episodes missing)

  • Four Hundred Dawns (Episode 1)
  • Trap of Steel (Episode 2)
  • Airlock (Episode 3)
  • The Exploding Planet (Episode 4)

MISSION TO THE UNKNOWN (single episode story - missing)

THE MYTH MAKERS (All episodes missing)

  • Temple of Secrets (Episode 1)
  • Small Prophet, Quick Return (Episode 2)
  • Death of a Spy (Episode 3)
  • Horse of Destruction (Episode 4)

THE DALEKS' MASTER PLAN (Episodes 1,3,4, 6-9, 11, 12 missing)

  • The Nightmare Begins (Episode 1)
  • Devil's Planet (Episode 3)
  • The Traitors (Episode 4)
  • Coronas of the Sun (Episode 6)
  • The Feast of Steven (Episode 7)
  • Volcano (Episode 8)
  • Golden Death (Episode 9)
  • The Abandoned Planet (Episode 11)
  • The Destruction of Time (Episode 12) 

THE MASSACRE (All episodes missing)

  • War of God (Episode 1)
  • The Sea Beggar (Episode 2)
  • Priest of Death (Episode 3)
  • Bell of Doom (Episode 4) 

THE CELESTIAL TOYMAKER (Episodes 1-3 missing)

  • The Celestial Toyroom (Episode 1)
  • The Hall of Dolls (Episode 2)
  • The Dancing Floor (Episode 3) 

THE SAVAGES (All 4 episodes missing)

THE SMUGGLERS (All 4 episodes missing)

THE TENTH PLANET (Episode 4 missing)

The Second Doctor (1966-1969) PATRICK TROUGHTON

THE POWER OF THE DALEKS (All 6 episodes missing)

THE HIGHLANDERS (All 4 episodes missing)

THE UNDERWATER MENACE (Episodes 1, 2, 4 missing)

THE MOONBASE (Episodes 1, 3 missing)

THE MACRA TERROR (All 4 episodes missing)

THE FACELESS ONES (Episodes 2, 4-6 missing)

THE EVIL OF THE DALEKS (Episodes 1, 3-7 missing)

THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN (Episodes 1, 3-6 missing)

THE ICE WARRIORS (Episodes 2, 3 missing)

THE ENEMY OF THE WORLD (Episodes 1, 2, 4-6 missing)

THE WEB OF FEAR (Episodes 2-6 missing)

FURY FROM THE DEEP (All 6 episodes missing)

THE WHEEL IN SPACE (Episodes 1, 2, 4, 5 missing)

THE INVASION (Episodes 1, 4 missing)

THE SPACE PIRATES (Episodes 1, 3-6 missing)

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