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Immigration Panel Doctors

Medical examinations outside of Australia

For entry into Australia, medical examinations conducted overseas are generally only acceptable if conducted by panel doctors and radiologists accepted by the Australian Government.

This website lists the panel doctors and some of the radiologists appointed by the Australian Government to perform these medical examinations.

Please note the following points:

Please note: There are currently no panel doctors appointed by the Australian Government in the Caribbean. For applicants who reside in countries in the Caribbean, you may use a Canadian designated medical practitioner (DMP) for your medical examination. A list of these practitioners can be found at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

See: Citizenship and Immigration in Canada

While every effort is made to keep this list as accurate and up to date as possible, the Australian Government does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of this list of panel doctors. When contacting a panel doctor from this list, you should ensure that you confirm with them that they remain appointed to the Australian panel.

Panel doctors - by country

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