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3rd Generation LRV Mock Up on Display  

Ref.: Nixon Bermudez

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March 9, 2006



A full scale mock up of the 3rd generation Light Rail Vehicle (LRV), is now on display at the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) depot in Pasay City.  The LRTA is expecting a fleet of twelve (12) brand new, four car trains to arrive sometime in the third quarter of this year.

The fleet of 48 coaches will augment the present fleet when the ongoing Line 1 Capacity Expansion Project Phase II - Package A (CAPEX-IIA) is completed.  

These 3rd generation trains will feature a lot of new safety features and will be more PWD (Passenger with Disability) friendly. Non skid rubber mattings, tie down points for passengers on wheelchair and strategically placed fire extinguishers are some of the features of these new trains.  Train operators will likewise be treated to better ergonomically designed seats to reduced fatigue.

The new coaches will be fully air conditioned and will boost the current capacity of the Light Rail Transit Authority from the present 27,000 passengers per hour per direction (pphpd) to almost 40,000 pphpd.


As part of the design process, this vehicle mock up was constructed to evaluate the effectiveness of the vehicle interior and its layout and to demonstrate the vehicle concept in real terms. It was made to full-scale model of the three major sections of the vehicle resulting to a useable vehicle display units showing the true attributes of the 3rd generation vehicle representing 54% (14m of 26m) of the vehicle length (see diagram below). With the driver's cab being equipped with full production components, the mockup is also envisioned to be used as a training simulator at a later time.

ADMINISTRATOR MEL ROBLES, Engineer Evangeline Razon, DBM Undersecretary Luis Liwanag, II, Rolling Stock Consultant Porfirio Nabos and Project Manager for the Manila Tren Consortium Mazayuki Hasegawa recently went on an inspection tour in Osaka, Japan.





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