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Number of Voters : 843
First Vote : Wednesday, 17 August 2005 15:39
Last Vote : Tuesday, 28 February 2006 22:18

DE/WM vote

With the release of version 2.0, I wish you all Happy New Year 2006.
In this version was suppose to include one gui installer, but it was decided not to include thereby keeping simple and in Arch style. To get started, one startup installer is available with three options:

Default - Install all default packages (3 pkgs).
Custom - Install pre-selected packages.
ArchWD - Install/uninstall packages of your own choice.

ArchWD is obsolete , requires to install ArchWD-FVWM.
ArchWD-FVWM depends on fvwm-devel available in unstable repo.

Download here
ArchWD-FVWM User Packages view here
Wiki view here

Great news, I have successfully completed the first build of AEGIS. The somewhat bad news is that the ISO is 608M! This is somewhat distressing as the KDE-based GIS CDs weigh in at about 700M and were only using XFCE. However, we do have a whole loads of sample data.

Currently the ISO contains the pkgs listed in my forum post, grass, qgis and thuban. It also includes sample data and documentation for all three applications. Now I Just have to test it!

Read more here
AEGIS home page.
At Usercb forum.

DistroWatch Weekly is a weekly opinion column about the current happenings in the world of Linux distributions. It also includes a summary of distribution releases over the past week, expected upcoming releases, site changes, reader feedback and comments area.

Featured distribution of the week: Archie Live CD
Read also current news at Archie home page.

Many improvements are aimed for the coming ArchWD ver. 2.0. All default and existing user packages include now a description template similar in an Arch’s package. This allows developing more informative applications. Example in defaultpager package, view the description file here.

Thought getting ready this week but takes time to finish one front-end installer for PacTK, to install/uninstall and view description and screenshot of packages. Quick Edit is ready replacing the previous Xdialog editing system, to configure module configs and user settings. Most likely ready end of this month (November) and after that making of user packages begin.

More info about PacTK, read at Usercb wiki here.

With the help of user-contributed packages ArchWD (Arch Window Developer) has taken a long jump getting itself ready. I was not planning to upgrade the main package, ArchWD is self maintained with help of PacTK (Package Tool Kit), but there were lot of upgrades and few major file changes.

In the repos there are now a small number of packages for users to select. More are coming. All packages are in simple format enabling users to have a look how they are made. In general FVWM has huge number of configure possibilities, which can be confusing, most likely many have avoided FVWM due to this, ArchWD tries to simplify the work by developing separate modules of each task instead of one big file. The modules (user packages) are installed and uninstalled as per user’s choice. The result is interesting as you can see in the screenshot, though, there is not much to been seen but in the listed of packages below.

Screenshot click here.

List of the main user packages in the picture:
1. roundendpanel-0.1.1.wm.tar.gz (Round ended panel in Fluxbox style.)
2. defaultpager-0.2.1.wm.tar.gz (FVWM pager with simple style.)
3. wallpaperbrowser-0.1.wm.tar.gz (Wallpaper browser for png and jpg pictures.)
4. decorbrowser-0.2.wm.tar.gz (Decoration browser.)
5. transptmenu-0.1.wm.tar.gz (not visible) (Transparent root and panel menu.)

Link to ArchWD Wiki

What I love with projects what have no fixed shape or aim, the end result becomes different what was thought at start.

ArchWM-base is one of those projects which shaped its own form and usage. It started as ArchWM-base and ended as ArchWD (Arch Window Developer - a pre-installed WM and configuration developer).

ArchWD is a pre-installed Window Manager and a tool for you to develop the configuration. Its an one time install only, and upgrades are through user contributed packages within ArchWD itself.

The conclusion of trying to make a ‘perfect’ WM is not the perfection in a WM itself but which can have maximum input/ contributions/ collaboration from others. No when said this, I should have called it ArchWWiki.:)

Read more at ArchWD Wiki
and at Usercb forum
Tech info and PKGBUILD at AUR

Dusty wrote at Arch Linux Forums: “I’m getting tired of WMI and am renewing my search for the perfect window manager once again. Every day I pray I will discover a window manager that will end this search in the same way that Arch ended my search for the perfect Linux distribution.

The quote of Dusty is not new but quite many users, I believe, do same shifting/searching for the perfect Window Manager. Can we use the ideas what made Arch perfect also for a WM?

Iphitus wrote: “Everyone has their own perception of what a ‘perfect’ wm is. If we were to include everyone’s idea of a perfect wm into one, it would be huge, which would conflict with some people’s liking of lighter WMs.

Why do we think a perfect WM includes everyone’s liking and preferences? That’s not the Arch Way! A perfect WM is a base what doesn’t include everyone’s liking but allows everyone to setup and configure how they want. That’s why Arch Linux is perfect for many users. ( :wink: )

New project: ArchWM-base - its what you make it.
Download at User-contributions

You may have come across this phrase: “I am using Fluxbox and have wanted to get rid of KDE but held because of Konqueror.” Now you can say bye, bye to KDE - there are standalone packages for non-kde WM users.

With the help of riklainim and pbw at Arch Forums, PKGBUILDs and packages are uploaded.

Read more at Arch Linux Forums
Download at User-contributions

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