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What is it?
cRadio is a QT - X11 interface that can control a radio card connected to your pc.

cRadio started as a result of me wanting to learn X-windows programming and due to the fact that there were no decent looking radio card programs for linux out there. I took a brief look at the various tool kits out there, and decided on using qt as it was the simplist and quickest toolkit to use. I want to one day try to re-write cRadio using qtk, but firstly I'll be devoted to improving and finishing off this version.
Current Features:
Graphical Display:
  • Digital frequency indicator
  • Station Preset Name
  • Channel preset number
  • MUTE indicator
  • TUNE, Sleep, Alarm and Stero indicators
  • True volume setting
  • Quick-Tune slider bar
  • Fine tune and Auto scan
  • Volume controls
  • Minimum view mode
  • Configuration file handling
  • Up to 109 Preset channels
  • Combo box for addition stations
  • Automatic preset detection
  • GUI configuration
  • Alarm Clock (turns Radio on)
  • Sleep (turns radio off)
  • Quick Keys (no mouse needed)

Features to come:
  • Other radio card devices support - experimental
  • Any more features???

Supported Cards:

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My Video 4 Linux page
Development news:
Wednsday Aug 5
Version 0.10
Updated to handle stereo for the zoltrix and kernel drivers.
Minor GUI modification and kernel driver updates.

Wednsday Aug 5
Version 0.9
New support for the RadioTrack-II in direct io mode has been added, as well as support for FreeBSD. All this thanks very much to Leendert Meyer (
Some small updates in kernel driver code. Will take a look at the new kernel API as soon as I get the chance. I'm rather busy right now writing an encrypted filesystem.

Tuesday July 28
Version 0.8.5
Have applied a patch for the Radiotrack II card with the kernel drivers. (Thanks to Ben Pfaff)
Fixed compile bug in redhat 5.1, modified tunning auto scan so that it nolonger freezes the app while scanning and can now be canceled by clicking twice.

Friday, July 9
Version 0.8
Fixed a bug in the video for linux implementation, not much else has changed as I am at home (Vacation) and internet is slow.

Friday, June 20
Version 0.7
I have now added video 4 linux support for cRadio & ktuner. This is a new set of kernel drivers that support radio, tv and teletex devices. You now no-longer need to run as root any more ;-)
Also some minor fixes and improvements added.

Friday, June 19
Version 0.6
This a small update to 0.6, now the edit, delete and add buttons should work in the main panel as well as in the options dialog. cRadio is now needing support for more radio cards, I'll start work on that soon.

Tuesday, June 15
Version 0.55
Been busy doing a lot of bug fixes, improvements etc. The preset options now work fine, you can add, delete etc.

Tuesday, June 11, late
Version 0.5
Ok, here is a new release with a lot of new features and enhancements. I need somebody to help me with the zoltrix card.. as I don't have one my self.

Tuesday, June 02, 22:22
Version 0.4
Hi, I have exams comming up... sorry if I have not updated this page in a while. Got holidays after the exams, I don't know if I'll be able to take my pc home with me... we'll have to see. Well 0.4 is out
Note if you want to change the options when not logged in as root, simple chown the /etc/cRadio.conf file to you normal user name, or make it writeable :-)

Wednesday, May 07, 22:07
Version 0.3 released
I fixed a lot of bugs (and added a few), reworked a lot of the internal signal / channel handling. Got the true volume setting working, can be disabled if annoying. Added a few things to configuration file like GUI style and default channel setting. The preset channels should now automatically be detected when changing the frequency.

Saturday, May 02, 14:11
Version 0.2 released
Finally fixed some bugs (now uses integer frequency representation
The preset buttons now work from the configuration file. Improved configuration file handling. Station names / numbers are now updated in the pannel.

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