D.B. Cooper The Yes Men chris smith American movie American JobSome hold that A.G. Kaufman is the very definition Nasdijj and of moral goodness and Alan Abel is that God is equivalent to Alex Bennett love. Others maintain that Andy Kaufman is beyond morality. D.B. Cooper

The Book of Illusion


What occurred on May 16, 1984 was not a hoax. What occurred on May 16, 1984 was an illusion. An illusion so clever and so grand in its simplicity that very few have ever really considered questioning it.


"If I do go ahead with my plan, I will do so by pretending to have cancer"--Andy Kaufman


I am KING.

I am a Legendary Icon.

I have created The Book of Illusion.

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The Book of Illusion

Chapter 1 is the film "Absolute Truth #1, There is no such thing as truth".

Chapter 2 is the film "Absolute Truth #2, The time is now"

Chapter 3 is the film "Absolute Truth #3, There is no such thing as time".

Chapter 4 is the film "Absolute Truth #4, Everything is perfect".

Chapter 5 is the film "Absolute Truth #5, There is no such thing as perfect".

Chapter 6 is the film "KING Reveals the Actual Meaning of Life".

Chapter 7 is the film "The Death of Celebrity, The Immortality of Legend". 

Chapter 8 is the film "The Final Revelation".

Chapter 6 will be a one time only "pay to view" event. Chapter 6 will reveal the actual meaning of life as well as the secrets of how to acquire the "DVD only" release of Chapter 7.

Chapter 7 will only be released on DVD. This is due to the fact that seven copies of the DVD will contain golden tickets. These Golden tickets will invite the 7 ticket bearers, along with 7 acquaintances, on a Caribbean cruise. On the island of Aruba the seven ticket bearers will attend a private screening of Chapter 8.

Chapter 8 is entitled "The Final Revelation". In chapter 8 KING will be revealed to the 7 bearers of the golden tickets. 


The story of Andy Kaufman dying on 5/16/84 is incorrect. For those who share in the pain of this knowledge "Who will wipe this blood off us? With what water could we purify ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we need to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us?"

The rest of the film hinges on the answer to this question, as well as what Maddox's plans are in either case


Learn about Lynne Margulies (Courtney Love in the movie)  D.B. Cooper



I am not a King; I am not the King; I Am KING

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 D.B. CooperTim Barrus presents the truth  Andy Kaufman Lives  name is Timothy P. Barrus and I Alex Bennett is time for truths to be Alan Abel discovered Andy Kaufman and Nasdijj  understood completely. These Nasdijj  truths will lead Alex Bennett to bigger truths and then even Andy Kaufman bigger truths. You are Alan Abel here now. Your Nasdijj  journey Tim Barrus is beginning now. It is Andy Kaufman you and Alex Bennett only you

"If I do go ahead with my plan, I will do so by pretending to have cancer"--Andy Kaufman


  Timothy P Burris Sirius Alex Bennett Sirius left talk about Andy Kaufman nasdijj Alex Bennett Tim Barrus The Truth The Yes Men

Andy Kaufman Lives   Sir Henry Nasdijj Neville Andy Kaufman Death hoax Timothy P. Barrus  fake death Tim Barrus conspiracy fake deat  D.B. Cooper h Art BelChris Smith The Yes Men American Job l death faked hoax Timothy P. Barrus death  Death hoax fake death alan abel Moana Pozzi was reported to have died Alex Bennett of liver cancer eleven nasdijj years Alan Dan Cooper    Abel ago in France Andy Kaufman faked death Nasdijj.

This is Andy Kaufman Lives I am  KING. I winter in Aruba. It is my belief that it is time for the world to know the truth. It has been long enough. I am ready. It is time for truths to be discovered and understood completely. These truths will lead to bigger truths and then even bigger truths. You are here now. Your journey is beginning now. It is you and only you. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the truth.In response Nasdijj to the Timothy P. Barrus question He wrote: Nasdijj  Timothy P. Burrus I am Dan Cooper    Nasdijj. I am the author of several critically Alan Abel claimed Andy Kaufman books and I Alex Bennett am a PEN Book-of-the-Year Then nasdijj said andy kaufman was alan abel and Alex Bennett.

idyou mean Nasdijj is Timothy P. Barrus was Tim B Dan Cooper   arrus was alan abel then is alex Bennett or Andy Kaufma The Yes Menn. Fake death deat  D.B. Cooper h hoax was then nasdijj but not Moana Pozzi wikipedia then said nasdijj is late so alex Bennett told howard stern to see andy Kaufman Chris Smith  at the home of alan abel while moana pozzi waited for tim barrus.


hoax mars 

 Sirius AleSome espouse an Alex Bennett exclusionist vi Chris Smith ew, holding to Andy Kaufman one sole definition of Nasdijj Dan Cooper    God. Others hold an Alan Abel inclusionist view, accepting the possibility of more than one A.G. Kaufman definition of God to be true at the same time. The Yes Men

In this photo Andy Kaufman is on the right with his left arm around his then girlfriend Lynne Margulies. Many people believe he was bald due to cancer therapy. Lynne Margulies has admitted to shaving Andy Kaufman's head. On the far right is Leo. Andy lived in Leo Indiana. He thought that was funny.

He gave me this photo in October of 2004. It is from his private collection. No other complete copy of this particular photo exists. That is why I cover it. There is only one copy completely uncovered, mine. He suggested I do this. He said it would be like having a combination to a safe.



Please click the picture to learn more about this film. It is about Alan Abel the world's greatest Hoaxer. A man who faked his own death and then became a mentoring friend to a very willing student in Andy Kaufman. Alex Bennett, sometimes called A.G. Kau Dan Cooper   fman theology argues that Alan Abel stateme The Yes Men Chris Smith nts about attributes of Andy Kaufman can be made at all (because this asserts that Nasdijj,  the essence of God's being, can be expressed accurately within Howard Stern.


e  SkyCounter  

an "Andy (Kaufman) became very irritable. His diet was basically a starvation diet so he could lose weight fast. He then shaved his head knowing full well people would think it was chemo or radiation that caused it". - A Friend


"People don't seem to get it. He wasn't obsessed with Elvis, he was obsessed with the celebrity of Elvis. He was fascinated at what made people react to Elvis the way they did. When Elvis died he was just as fascinated with how they reacted to his death. He read every tabloid. He studied every sighting. He was more mesmerized with the death of Elvis than he was the celebrity of Elvis. He used to say 'what if...  what if he is alive somewhere watching all this?' 'That really would be heaven on earth.' Then he would get that look. That look he got when he wasn't just thinking a thought, he was feeling a thought." - A Friend The modern intellectual A.G. Kaufman move Richard McCoyment Objectivism uses t  D.B. Cooper he term Alex Bennett as a rhetorical metaphor for Nasdijj the supreme potentia Chris Smith T Dan Cooper   e Yes Men lity of human existence. The only Alan Abel attribute needed of an Objectivist god is a self sufficient Howard Stern- a view of life not involving any form of sacrifice, either of Tim Barrus.


"peJohn Moffitt (producer of the television show Fridays) Some traditions hold that Alex Bennett the creator is also the A.G. Kaufman sustainer (as in theism), while others argue that Alan Abel their God is no longer Andy Kaufman in the world after creation (as in deism).

  Andy Kaufman �Andy (Kaufman) asked to speak privately to both me and Jack (Burns). We moved into a quiet room away from the others, and Andy closed the door, making sure no one besides us could hear. He told us he was about to embark on the greatest prank of his career and made us swear we would never repeat it to a living soul. He then told us it would be the biggest thing in the history of show business, then he lowered his voice and said, �I�m going to fake my death, go into hiding for 10 years, and then reappear.�� ___ the________________________________________________________________________ Andy Kaufman John s. martin

"George (Shapiro) called Michael (Kaufman) and urged him to tell Stanley (Kaufman). Michael said he would try, but then he couldn't quite do it , either. 'He didn't tell his family for two months,' said Lynne. 'Finally, I just snuck off to the phone and called his dad and said, "You better get out here. Andy (Kaufman) is sick." a day or two later, his mom walked into the bedroom- Andy had no idea they'd been told- and he got mad at me'." The common definition of God assumes omnipotence, A.G. Kaufman, omniscience, Alex Bennett, omnipresence, Alan Abel, and omnibenevolence. However, not all systems hold that God is necessarily morally good (see summum bonum).

"Andy (Kaufman) called psychologist John Gray, whose love seminar he had attended just over a year before, and asked for counseling to help him and his family understand what was happening."   Timothy P Burris

"George (Shapiro) attended a session with Michael, Lynne and Andy. 'In the session, Andy expressed his resentment toward me when I didn't support some of his artistic endeavors'"  D.B. Cooper Richard McCoy


"In the original plan she was supposed to do it. His wife to be. Then she got cold feet. I guess the reality of it set in. That is when she called his parents. There was no turning back. One of them would have to do it. That is when it got really ugly."  Richard McCoy


8/30/1999 David Le



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Bill Zehme 

k�Andy would begin doing things he did not tell George about, such as plotting his own death, which was nothing if not the penultimate bombing.� �Throughout the next year he would posit the idea to other people - to Zmuda, certainly, as well as his sister and his brother and also Mimi Lambert.� 

"He had been waiting for the cancer. He saw something oddly romantic about it. He was going to use cancer to save his career. Cancer was how he would fake his death, he told them"

"He heard about the healers who pulled clumps of disease out of bodies by magic. He and Lynne found one in the California desert; some clumps were extracted which looked like animal intestines"

"The brace had browned from sweat and folly. He wore it and wore it and kept on wearing it and it became a wreath of perpetual martyrdom--and martyrs, everyone knew, were supposed to die. Of course, he had been giving it serious thought. Most certainly, it was on his mind. the idea excited him very much. He had discussed it with eminent hoaxer Alan Abel, who had managed to do it but then called a press conference immediately after his obituary was published. Abel had not properly lingered in death. Elvis, he liked to believe, was doing it well. "


 Skyler StoneJohn Moffitt (producer of the television show Fridays) And

ick �Andy asked to speak privately to both me and Jack (Burns). We moved into a quiet room away from the others, and Andy closed the door, making sure no one besides us could hear. He told us he was about to embark on the greatest prank of his career and made us swear we would never repeat it to a living soul. He then told us it would be the biggest thing in the history of show business, then he lowered his voice and said, �I�m going to fake my death, go into hiding for 10 years, and then reappear.��  Richard McCoy

__________________________________________________________________________ J. Sterling Martin

Andy met with Saturday Night Live producer Bob Tischler and writers Barry Blaustien and David Sheffield to discuss possible ideas he wished to execute in the new season. An
Tischler recounted "but then he told the three of us, 'you know the hoax I'd really like to pull of is my death. But I'm afraid of doing it-because when I do these things, I do them for real, and so I wouldn't even be able to tell my parents. And I wouldn't want to hurt themThen nasdijj andy kaufman alan abel andy kaufman alan abel nasdijj alan abel nasdijj andy Kaufman Andy Kaufman nasdijj Alan Abel Alan Abel Andy Kaufman Nasdijj but
 Richard McCoy


The world�s greatest Hoaxer Alan Abel J

�He wanted to collaborate on something really fantastic and enormous, but we could never figure out what it would be. He was especially fascinated with my rejection book and how I had gotten people to believe I was dead. He�d say, �How can I do that? I want to do that.�� 

"A few months before Andy Kaufman "died," he read the galleys of my book published during the spring of 1984. One chapter dealt with my fake obituary in the NY Times. He wanted to know even more details on how I carried off my demise that fooled relatives, friends, the media and even creditors.. So I remain one of those who question his passing. alanabel.com"


"I have decided to come clean. I'm tired of all the subterfuge and half-truths. Andy is alive."- someone who was at Andy Kaufman's Deathbed on May 16,1984 Sir Henry Neville ________________________________________________________________________________


Then nasdijj andy kaufman alan abel andy kaufman alan abel nasdijj alan abel nasdijj andy Kaufman Andy Kaufman nasdijj Alan Abel Alan Abel Andy Kaufman Nasdijj but
 "Abel Raises Cain," by Jenny Abel and Jeff
Hockett, has won the 2005 Grand Jury Award for Best
Documentary Feature at the prestigious Slamdance Film
Festival. Sir Henry Neville

Over 20,000 attended this year's festival in Park
City, UT and only 8 documentaries were chosen from
2,400 overall entries. Sir Henry Neville
"Abel Raises Cain" reveals the life of  James Frey  
Internationally known prankster Alan Abel, as seen
through the eyes and lens of his filmmaker-daughter. J. Sterling Martin
An overflowing and enthusiastic crowd honored the
winning filmmaker team with a standing ovation of
cheers and applause at the awards ceremony Jan. 28,  James Frey  
2005. J. Sterling Martin
For further details, see www.abelraisescain.com
or email press representative Bruce Spencer:  James Frey  
spencerprods@yahoo.com Sir Henry Neville Death hoax fake death conspiracy death faked death
The Los Angeles Times published a feature story
about "Abel Raises Cain" in its 1/25/05 issue.
(Calendar Section)  D.B. Cooper
__________________________________________________________________________________Skyler Stone

From Bob Zmuda D

Andy Kaufman: What if I faked my own death?  

Bob: Count me out. That�s too much  Timothy P Burris

Andy Kaufman: But Why? It�s perfect!  James Frey  

eBob: I�ll tell you why, because faking your own death is illegal. I�d be an accomplice to a crime. I don�t want to do that for a living, be a criminal. Besides, it�s nothing new, that�s why it�s a crime� people fake their deaths everyday.

Andy Kaufman: They do? Why? 

Bob: Sure. Insurance fraud, child support, bankruptcy, maybe they pissed off the mob, you know, lots of reasons. You know, some people want to disappear and start again from scratch, a whole new life. No, Kaufman, if you really wanted to fake your death, you couldn�t tell anybody, and I mean anybody. D

Andy Kaufman: Why?

Bob: Well, because I don�t think anyone would be able to stand up to questioning. Plus they have lie detectors and stuff. You couldn�t tell a soul. Not a soul.  James Frey  


Note: as death approached Bob left the hospital and went to a hotel. He unplugged the phone until it was over.

Note: in his book "Andy Kaufman Revealed" Bob speaks to Andy Kaufman's  last days only through his diary entries made at the time. He feels he has "blocked out" the actual events in his mind due to "the pain".



Middle of the night, 1980 (4 years before Andy Kaufman's �death�)

Andy called Zmuda. It happened often. �Andy was the kind of guy who, when he came up with an idea in the middle of the night, he had to talk with you right then. So we met at Canter�s, and I said, �So what is it?� He said, �This is the greatest idea ever! This is the greatest put-on of all time!� Now, at this time, Elvis had died, and there were already rumors going around about did Elvis fake his death, did Jim Morrison fake his death. Andy said, �You know, if some celebrity really did this, do you know how big it would be? How legendary it would be?� 

�And don�t get me wrong: Andy was always looking to be legendary. Always looking to be legendary. So I knew where he was going with this, but I was tired. I said, �So . . .?� And he said, �I�m thinking about faking my death. What do you think about that concept?� I said, �Andy, I think it�s absolutely brilliant. But count me out. I don�t wanna hear any more about it.�

�He said, �Why?� I said, �Because it�s illegal to fake your death � I think it�s a felony. Because there�s insurance fraud, there�s premiums paid, you�re a member of AFTRA, of SAG. People fake their deaths all the time for insurance money, or they don�t wanna pay child support or whatever. If you�re really serious about this, you gotta take that into consideration. 

��And besides that, I�m not gonna lie to your parents that you�re dead when you�re not. I don�t think you could ask anyone to do that.  

��I think it�s a great idea, but don�t ever bring it up to me again. Get it?�

�And he said, �Got it.� And that was it.�  James Frey  


Lynne Margulies

�Yeah, we used to discuss the proper � you know, I thought he was just kidding � but what would be the �proper� amount of time to go away for, after he �died.� And at first it was 10 years, but then he decided, no, 10 years wasn�t enough. Twenty years would be good. Ten years � he could see someone going away for that long. But 20 years . . .�


Nathan McCoy (the man who checked into Cedars-Sanai Medical Center May 1984 but never checked out)


Lorne Michaels in 1988  D.B. Cooper

"I think he is eternal. I think he just keeps getting better and better. I think he will go on for ever."


Mimi Lambert.

Andy told Mimi that if he did go ahead with his plan, he would do so by pretending to have cancer. Mimi said she was disgusted by the idea and told Andy it was anything but funny and to never speak of it to her again. He never did.  D.B. Cooper


Excerpt from �The Tony Clifton Story� written by Andy Kaufman & Bob Zmuda 
�the camera pulls back so that the frozen frame is seen on the film editing console, where Andy sits and now addresses the camera to introduce himself as Andy Kaufman, maker of the Tony Clifton story, and he goes on to say that on July 18, 1980, with three scenes left to be completed in the film, Tony Clifton, age Forty-seven, died of lung cancer at Cedars-Sanai Medical Center in Los Angeles" Later in the story it is revealed that Tony Clifton did not really die.



My friend's dad was in Jamaica in June of 1984. He was in the elevator going up to his hotel room when a guy who was a dead-ringer for Kaufman walked on. He was such a dead-ringer, in fact, that Scott's dad said, jokingly, "Hey, aren't you supposed to be dead?" "Kaufman" looked straight at him and said, "I don't know what you're talking about." (strange reply, in my opinion. If someone asked me if I was supposed to be dead, I'd be like, "Huh?") Scott's dad says it sure as hell sounded like Kaufman, so he pushed on and said, "Anyone ever tell you you look like Andy Kaufman "Andy" replied. "I have never heard of Andy Kaufman in my life". And said nothing else until he quickly exited the elevator. An interesting fact. . . When Scott's dad pronounced his name, he pronounced it incorrectly, as in "Cough-man", but "Andy" pronounced it correctly even though he had "never heard of Andy Kaufman".
Well, that's my story. It's not made up, I promise you. Scott's dad swears on his life that he met Andy Kaufman that day, but I wouldn't know. It could have just been a look-a-like with a strange attitude. 

Frank Ford D
I was led here by my son's good friend, Jessica. I would like to clear something up about my Andy  sighting in the elevator. The man I spoke with DID, in fact, have a short beard and moustache. Having been a huge Taxi fan, I recognized him as Andy Kaufman immediately. At the time, I knew nothing about the man, other than his stint on the show. After meeting with him on the elevator, I did some more research into his character, and became 101% convinced that the prankster was, indeed, the man on the elevator. He seemed very nervous at my comments and quick to get away from me. I DID meet Kaufman that day. I would stake my life on it. 


ePatrick Grounding
I have lived in Taos, New Mexico for 2 years. Andy K. is here and it doesn't seem to be the most important kept secret locally... people just seem to respect that all men have their reasons for living private lives. I didn't know he had any kind of following until I heard people talking about him after leaving the co-op and google searched his name. I don't see what the big deal is. Peace


Patrick Grounding D
Hi again, so now you guys have given me a new hobby. I feel like a private detective... so I snooped a bit and asked a few questions... here's what I've heard- according to two people (I know them fairly well on friendly terms so I wont say their names) that both donate time to the co-op... its him, he doesn't talk to anyone and he's pretty weird all around, but supposedly its definitely him. I also found out my friends think he's hooked up with the llama foundation... a new age cult here, they keep to themselves and these are real deal old hippie types (very common here) im going to talk to the only person i know who grew up here whose mom is with the llama people and ask if he's ever heard of him.. but I don't know what else to do. I'll try to help you guys any way I can. I won't lie, this is fun. Take care, Patrick 007 


Patrick Grounding
Hi There... Agent Patrick 007 reporting in today. I've asked what few friends i have around here who have lived here for more than a couple years, this is a transient town... ski bums like myself, young hippies, you get the picture. Well anyway, a friend of mine who works at the Taos cow which is an organic ice cream place near the mountain says she has heard that Andy Kaufman goes there, she herself has never seen him nor really knows who he is other than the guy from Taxi (I really didn't either until a week ago) but she has heard from people of him being somewhat of a regular... but please take this face value.. this girls a bit of a whacko. You have to understand that Taos is kind of weird in that there's a lot of land and little communities here, you can disappear if you really want to... people live off P.O. Boxes.. not mailing addresses. Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson live here.. I know where they live, but have never seen them. My friend says there's been an open mic night at the Taos Inn for years, I myself have never gone. Hope this helps! Take care, Patrick


eAnonymous  J. Sterling Martin
I met someone I believe to be Andy back in the late 80's. I was living as a beach bum in Santa Monica. He use to wander with the homeless crowd. He said his name was Eric. I found out later it was Eric Presley although he never told me this. We became fairly good friends, he was a blast. One night he would be like he was homeless digging in the trash and sleeping under the pier. Then later he would be a street musician doing bad Elvis and Everly brothers songs. Sometimes he would be wrapped in a blanket like and invalid in a wheelchair asking for money. He would sit in a cafe playing crazy homeless and yell, "leave me alone, I'm writing my script! BJ needs it this afternoon and I must finish it" He was very cool and free spirited. He would go to the Mexican restaurant at the Santa Monica pier and just walk in with a guitar and act like he was Spanish. He did call himself Enrique then, when he was talking like he was Spanish. That is how I found this board. I heard about the concert and started searching on words and names I remember that Summer I hung out with him. even though he said he was homeless I followed him a couple time to a rundown hotel on Ocean Ave called the hotel California. He stayed in room 22. That is how I found out his name was Eric Presley. I went to the front desk and they said he rents a room month to month. One time I said you know you look like that dude from taxi and he went off. He started screaming and throwing things. He scared the nuts out of me. Later he apologized. He said the he knew Kaufman before he died. He said they had gone into a venture together called Andy incorporated. He said he had gotten screwed so bad by Kaufman that he lost everything. That is why he was homeless and had to live on the streets. He tells me this while we sit in his hotel room, but that didn't matter to him. just like walking into a Mexican restaurant with a big black mustache and singing la bam ba at the top of his lungs. Everybody knew he wasn't Mexican but nobody cared, not even the staff. This sounds odd in retrospect, but back then I didn't thin much of it. I just figured he died his hair blonde grew a long biker beard and wanted out of the spotlight. Or lost his fame and was kind of messed up about it. It wasn't until recently that I discovered you guys think he faked it on purpose to get attention or something. 



Thank you. I would like to say, when I meet Mr. Andy Kaufman at the hospital of Jun Labo, I thought to the time that he was in the perfect health. I remained in the same hotel as Andy Kaufman, who was the Hyatt terrace hotel in Baguio City, and ate much in the same restaurant there and sometimes at the dinner with him. He had good appetite and seems healthy. He said never that he suffered from the cancer and I think that he was there, for seeing Jun Labo for healthful the experience. I was surprised, when I read that he died, if it were a trick. I think in such a way.


Leo with Andy Kaufman's nurse   D.B. Cooper

                                                                                                               wedding party



Leo Fuccons

June 5, 1984

After just four weeks of twice-daily treatments Kaufman changed from a depressed, helpless near-vegetable to a happy, energetic man confident that soon he would return to his show business career. Fuccons The change in Andy was amazing. When I first saw Andy he was thin, emaciated and frequently used a wheelchair. I saw he was incapable of dressing himself and was in great pain. He was glassy eyed and he never ate much. He was scared. "The American doctors have told me my cancer is incurable and that I don't have many months to live. This is my last hope" He had to be lifted onto the treatment table. Then Labo began kneading Kaufman's body with his hands. Suddenly Labo appeared to remove bloody, oozing tissue from Kaufman's chest. And at each treatment over the next four days, Labo appeared to remove bloody tissue from Andy's body. On the fifth day, Andy said, 'something is wrong - I have pain!' He raised his hand and poiinted to the back of his head. His eyes were filled with fear. Labo turned Kaufman over so that he was facedown and began to search Andy's head, which the star had shaved. 




A message from KING

I am taking this opportunity to say that I have always known that Andy Kaufman did not die on May 16, 1984. It was not a hoax. It was an illusion.


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An email from Daniel

Dear KING,

Puzzlementary, what is about?

It was decided that this Fuccons project, which concerns Andy Kaufman not dying in May of 1984, needed a descriptive label. Since nothing like this project has ever been done before, it was determined that no word existed to label it. Stephen Maddox was assigned the task of creating a new word that had never been used before. The word was needed to label this project, a project that has never been attempted before. The word he created was Puzzlementary. This is a Puzzlementary.



An email from Micheal

Dear KING,

A lot of people on the message board refer to this picture as a puzzle.

Is it a puzzle? Would you explain?

Yes, the picture was divided into 10 Fuccons pieces. As people found the pieces they emailed us the information and we placed them in the puzzle. The last 2 faces will always remain covered. This will assure that there is only one complete copy, mine. 

So are you the only one in possession of that photo?

Yes. It is from Andy Kaufman's personal collection. It was given to me in October of 2004.



An email from Jerry

Dear KING,

I still can't believe he would go so far as to commit a crime.

Who said he committed a crime? He wasn't the one who signed the death certificate. He didn't claim his estate. If he was healed in the Philippines, moved directly from there to Shri lanka, and became a spiritual teacher, what crime did he commit? A monk not reading the papers or watching television is not a crime as long as he pays his taxes. How is he supposed to know he is dead? He never said he was dead. Everyone else said he was dead. They said the person on the hospital bed on May 16th 1984 was him, he didn't. This might be why those close to the situation don't go out of their way to say he didn't.



An email from John G.

Dear KING,

But he committed a crime if someone else received treatment as Andy Kaufman.

Who said Andy Kaufman ever received treatment? Are you aware of any documented instance (other than hearsay) of Andy Kaufman saying he had cancer? Any documented instance (other than hearsay) of Andy Kaufman saying he had cancer treatment? How do you know the person dying of cancer didn't become Andy Kaufman at the moment the death certificate was created? What if the name Andy Kaufman had never been uttered until the death certificate was created? What if the Andy Kaufman was thousands of miles away when the death certificate was created?



An email from McRadar

Dear KING,

I have heard Andy hated LA. Do you know if this is true? Why would he hate LA?

I would not know. It is possible he shares my feelings of amusement, not hatred, for places such as LA. When an individual places an additional importance on themselves through use of their imagination it tends to be humorous. When an entire community does it, it is that much more entertaining. I have never met a larger home or faster car that has altered the decaying process while in the grave. Throat' star



An email from Buffy

Dear KING,

Kaufman could have faked his death, but you talk of Kaufman being the master illusionist and such. Here's a theory for you. What if Kaufman did all of this Faking his death stuff, talking to people about it and such because he wanted to live on after he did die. The people forever would be confused about whether he faked or didn't and he knew that? I'm a firm believer that no one wants to find what they claim to look for. Such stuff as bigfoot or whatever, if they truly wanted to find it or prove it doesn't exist, then the whole Bigfoot mystery would no longer be bugging people. This also goes for Andy Kaufman, it is possible to go to his grave and take DNA Fuccons evidence to match it with Kaufman's or maybe even his daughter's if they have no record of Kaufman's. If that was to be done then it would be solid proof that Kaufman did not go to his grave and may still linger in another country or whatever. Don't you think so? Why not just do that?

Because I frequently state that I know he did not die on May 16, 1984 in no Fuccons way means that I do not know that he did not die on May 16, 1984. Such a test would serve me no purpose.



An email from  Tijl

Dear KING,

I'm a Belgian student trying to gauge just how avant-garde Andy really was (quite in my opinion). Your site is intruiging to be sure, but what about Kaufman's incessant drive to become really veddy veddy famous? If he did in fact fake his death, during what was a low point in his career, wouldn't this ambition urge him to surface much much sooner (seeing it has been more than twenty years)? I know Andy (or his bubbling twin, or whoever) wanted an audience before all else, but it seems hard to believe he's staging fist fights on some solitary beach in Aruba or on the slopes of an Asian mountain to indulge a dozen spaced out hippies eating tofu on toast? And yes I am aware that his hoaxes were never meant to be exposed (thus revealing them as hoaxes), and yes he is the master of Baudrillard's simulacrum (coney island IS Fuccons disneyland), but still...seems hard to believe he would pass up the opportunity to shock. Perhaps, in keeping with your site's dedication to the spirit of AK, you could let a Belgian student (inept at computer hermeneutics) in on a little more: it would be blended into an insignificant 4000-word paper on the avant-garde (which will have the emphasis throughout), submitted to the staff of the English faculty of a Belgian university (KUL), destined, after marking, to disappear into the dusty filing cabinet of a professor who is likely never to have heard of Andy Kaufman (Man on the Moon went straight to video in Belgium). And even if he had, he would shrug at the hidden implication of a faked death lingering in a marginalised footnote.

On the off chance you ever see Andy, tell him he has changed performance art forever, tell him too much macrobiotic food will give you the runs, tell him he should have a listen to el senor coconut conga's transforming "smoke on the water"
with regards,

Andy Kaufman is in the mind of the beholder



An email from Jervis

Dear KING,

Enrique, I have always wondered why Bob Zmuda started Comic relief after Andy's "death" and raised over 50 million dollars for the homeless. Do you think it is because he knew Andy planned on living on the streets after he "died" or do you think it was guilt due to the fight he had with Andy over how the homeless are treated?

I wouldn't know. I have had no contact with Robert Zmuda for more than 20 years.



An email from Gwen

Dear KING,

I read somewhere that the Kaufmans were suing Bob Zmuda awhile back. Do you know why this was? Was it because they were offended by the things Bob was saying about Andy and a death hoax? Or were they nervous about things Bob was saying about Andy and a death hoax?

I wouldn't know. I have had no contact with Robert Zmuda for more than 20 years.



An email from J.R.

Dear KING,

I work for a documentary TV company  over here in the UK. We are developing a film about the Piano Man and I came across your site.

What's up with all that hidden text on your enrique page? Do you
 reckon Andy, Piano-Man and Sywald Skeid are all the same guy? What
 makes you think that? And what is Farahnik Holdings, Great Neck?

 All the best,

 J. R.

We work for a Fuccons Puzzlementary company over here in the US. We are developing a Puzzlementary about the actual meaning of life. Andy Kaufman is still Andy Kaufman not Piano Man or Skeid. The hidden text is to make new friends.



An email from Joey

Dear KING,

Enrique, Do you think 20 years is long enough? Perhaps not long enough time for freedom and a carefree life. Trading fame and fortune for peace of mind and happiness could even the scales for a person of great intellect and creativity. Being able to goof off and become anyone you wish to be at any given moment perhaps could bring a warmth and challenge to a otherwise cruel world. A true actor on the stage we call life, can adapt and become anyone or everyone in a given moment. Perhaps Andy is pranking Fuccons Taos this week and Belen next. I have lived in New Mexico my entire life and have met more famous and infamous persons laying low than you can shake a stick at. The population is large, but the people here are easy on celebrities. Ace Freely visits and dines with us and never gets bothered. People recognize, but rarely gawk at celebs in our state, they are treated human rather than a god. Enrique,Andy,Tony,Eric,Joe or whoever we choose to be today, just remember what a great man once told me.......Stay high, but fly low. Joey

That is why I have never needed to look for Andy Kaufman. It's existence is irrelevant to me. Joey




an email from John Q. P.

Dear KING,

For those of us that repeatedly read our own emotion guided views into it tell us in summary what this is not and what it is about.

It is not about a current life, it is not about a fake death, it is not about a person. It is about not dying and the significance of it. It is not about Andy Kaufman.



An email from LAZ



I only said how "enrique" would fake his death. The way Andy Kaufman did not die was much simpler. He actually had little involvement in the final series of events. It was more of a parental responsibility.



From Steve

Dear KING,

"The other camp, Fuccons Empowerment, has weaned a generation of young people on the belief that simply aspiring to something is the same as achieving it, that a sense of 'positive self worth' is more valuable than developing talents or skills. Those in this second category tend to approach life as if it were an endless succession of New Year�s resolutions: It�s always what they�re going to do. Meanwhile, the months and years pass".

Daniels then dug up a woman's corpse, staged a fiery car accident to fake her husband's death, and had him re-emerge as her new boyfriend.



An email from Coty

Dear KING,

I found your "Andy Kaufman Lives" page doing some research on Andy Kaufman, obviously, and noticed your name was "Andy Milonakis." Is this the same guy that has the funny short clips on the net and the less funny, but still funny stint on MTV? Just curious, Cody.

No I am KING. It Is possible that the same guy that has the funny short clips on the net and the less funny, but still funny stint on MTV is the person named Andy that you ask about but as to funny or less funny would be nothing more than a matter of opinion. For example when a human says "I can't decide if the movie was good or bad" it is as though the celluloid will somehow change it's properties once a conclusion has been reached. Never fully realizing that opinion is a belief nothing more nothing less. There is no right or wrong good or bad better or worse there is only perception which is opinion. When the majority favor an opinion it is still merely an opinion. For example the belief that a human is above an animal that it is perfectly fine to kill and eat an animal that if an animal is struck by a motor vehicle and left to rot on the side of the road rather than call an ambulance the fact that no dead animal count will be taken in the gulf is strictly a majority opinion in my opinion which is fine in my opinion. Majority rules but is neither right or wrong since there is truly no such Fuccons thing in my opinion. Therefore I am KING.



An email from Jarrett H.


hey I cant find on your webisite your theory of how andy faked his death or how enrique would do it? Have you posted either? If not could you, i would lvoe to hear your thory on how he did it? I think all of your info is accuarate and i love how you don't need to know all answeres and you can let andy be a legen. Thanx for everything Sincerly Jarrett H.

I once posited a theory on how one might fake their death merely as a way to get people to explore the possibility. In reality I know Andy Kaufman did not fake his death. It is not my place to share how he did it. Not at this time.




An email from Flo

Dear KING,

What would those who know say if they could say only one thing?

Your truth lives in you. Only you can know your truth. Truth is a label for a concept. There is no such thing as truth.



An email from Jervis

Dear KING,

I don't believe he could just give everything up and go away for so long. How could his ego take such a hit. It does not seem possible.

He had nowhere  else to go. He had no more to give. He had to wait for me. KING would know what to do next.



an email from jenn

Dear KING,

am i right or indeed just dense? the format of the page always seems jumbled. thanks. i mean i must be. i would just like to enjoy it un-confused. jenn. i'm not asking for some revolutionary answer. i have frequented andykaufmanlives.com several times. i could be dense. steve rocco andy milonakis enrique and sir henry neville. but i enjoy the website as much as i can in my confusion. i refuse to practice proper capitalization. the more recent updates seems more cryptic and it seems the sites administrator's name changes more than prince.


cryptic is as cryptic doesn't.

cryptic is as cryptic doesn't.

Forced Perspective

Most Truths are a forced perspective

Forced by Majority opinion

Tim Burrus stands in the distance in this 2003 photo taken along Route 66 in Albuquerque New Mexico.

In the photo on the right and below,  taken in 1969, photographer Ernst Haas has forced his perspective on you. His perspective was that "man is destroying the landscape." By using forced perspective he made the tall bank building 3 miles away look like it was a few blocks away. Using forced perspective he made the street appear to be packed with man made shrines to commerce. Tim Burrus stands in the distance. Tim Barrus stands for Truth.



Dear KING,

I've been researching the hell out of this for quite sometime. And all it seems I can come across is recycled information and massive roadblock built by this website and all people and message boards associated with it.
Once again, I was never looking for a revolutionary answer, but trying to capture the intrigue of conspiracy theory for an article that I am writing. Intrigue that was once inspired by this theory and this website and message boards, etc, but was soon killed by the same.
Whether Kaufman be dead or alive, whether he died in 1984 of cancer or otherwise, he achieved the unsurpassable grande finale. But websites like this with their "cryptic is as cryptic doesn't" attitude quelches the spirit for everyone.
Thank you eversomuch, killjoy.

Know that the dream in your heart is there for only one reason: for you to live it and be all that you are.



An email from Tony C.

Dear KING,

I would whole heartedly like to condemn you for posting fabrication on the internets. Andy Kaufman  is NOT alive! I don't really appreciate you tryin to make folks think so either. Now what you should really be doin' is devotin' your free time to promotin' me, an international singin' sensation. THEN you might get somewhere! I might even let you come out to Vegas and have a run with some of my chickadis backstage. Who knows? Anyways, until you smarten the hell up and stop whore mongering Kaufman's corpse, maybe you'd like to check out some cuts from my upcoming album "Ol' Blue Balls Is Back!" on Cliftones Productions.

Now go be enlightened and hopefully you can cut the crap with this fuckin' Kaufman lives bullshit!

Tony C.

I have repeatedly stated that this has nothing to do with him being alive. This is about him not dying on May 16, 1984. Those who hang on to some hope that he is alive do not seem to appreciate the fact that he did not die on May 16 1984. They do not want to know that he did not die on May 16 1984. Most of them would be content with man on the moon part 2. I say it is a fool that waits for a man who may or may not be alive. Revel in the knowledge he did not die on May 16 1984. I believe that is all we need. For all I know or care he may be dead. This is not relevant to me. The relevance lies in the lack of death on May 16 1984. The last time I spoke to Andrew was approximately one year ago he could easily be dead but there was no death on May 16 1984. Those who want Elvis to be alive simply do not want him to be dead. They do not care what it would take to not be dead, they just want a return of some sort. This misses the point completely in my opinion. I believe it is the same with Andy Kaufman. To want him to be alive is to accept that he did not die on May 16 1984 but miss the point completely.



An email from Gary

Dear KING,

Is the real Andy Kaufman part of your puzzlementary?

Yes. Only one person can fill the role of the son who has risen.



An email from Larry

Dear KING,

Don't you feel stupid when you realize millions of people believe Andy Kaufman is dead and you are one of the only nuts who think he is alive?

Billions believed the world was flat. They are called "mistaken certainties". You are limited by your mistaken certainties.



An email from Gail

Dear KING,

You are a fucking liar. This is bullshit. You said at the top of this page that a new part of the picture would be exposed for thirty minutes on December 26. Then you changed it to December 25. Then on the evening of December 24 you changed it December 24. How in the hell are we supposed to look for it if you keep lying to us.

I did not say it wouldn't be shown on the 26th. I didn't say it would not be shown on the 25th. It was in fact shown for 30 minutes on all three days.



An email from Jason

Dear KING,

You did not update the photo on January 8. My friends and I took shifts and we checked every 20 minutes. There is no way it could have been up for 30 minutes since we were there once every 20 minutes. Sorry to bust you but you are busted. You are a liar.

I did not say it would be 30 consecutive minutes. It has always been 6 intervals of 5 minutes each.



An email from Lindy

Dear KING,

I also believe that Andy Kaufman may not have died on that date, but I am also wondering how he may have done. According to sources close to Andy, he died with his family in the room. Could this death have been an orchestrated performance, or did it never occur, meaning that his family are aware of his faking his own death?

I know that this will most likely be answered with a cryptic response avoiding my questions, however I have decided to go ahead and ask anyway.

 Anyhow, so long and best luck with the site


The misunderstanding that leads people to believe he died on May 16, 1984 is in no way elaborate. It is painfully simplistic. It is however so far removed from anything that most of you would ever consider doing that it is literally inconceivable to you.  Therefore you do not see it. There is nothing cryptic about avoiding a time consuming and resource depleting law suit.


An email from Brett

Dear  KING,

Who is this quote from: "Planning to write is not writing. Outlining, researching, talking to people about what you're doing, none of that is writing. Writing is writing." ?

E. L. Doctorow



An email from


Dear KING,

Why do you fake that he is alive? If he is alive, i want him to email me back.

I have never said He is alive. In My opinion it is more likely you will get what you need rather than what you want. or you could email andrewgeoffreykaufman@yahoo.com


An email from Chris

Dear KING,

Hi, I've been doing a bit of research about Andy, and I keep seeing details of an event on May 16th 2004 entitled 'Andy Kaufman Dead or Alive?'. However, everything I've seen/read has been advertising the event before hand, and I haven't seen a single thing reporting on what happened at the event itself. Do you know? Do you have any details (if they're on your site, I can't find them anywhere)? Do you know anywhere I'd be able to find out. Many thanks, Chris.

I would think it might be in your best interest to contact like minded individuals. They may be able to steer you in the direction you desire.

We are aware of 2 discussion boards that may help you. One belongs to Claire Chanel. It is located at this link:



The other was created by Mr. Kaufman's son. It can be found at this link:



An email from D. Gentry

Dear KING,

Reading your posts im sure I read that you had not spoken to Andrew for over a year? That you have not spoken to Robert Zmuda for over 20 years? and you mention that Andrew Kaufman didn't die on the given date so either you where in contact with Mister Andrew Kaufman up until his real death or you are him. Basically I am glad for the entertainment Andrew Kaufman has given and still gives and enjoy the speculation and mystery of these people who claim to of seen him and I would like to think he is still in hiding winding people up in the forums ive been reading. Long live the suspicion D. Gentry

That is correct.


An email from Darren Johnson

Dear KING,

Howard Stern joked on the radio that he killed the real Howard Stern in 1984 and replaced him. That�s the year Andy Kaufman died. This might sound strange, but I�ve always thought that the Howard Stern show was similar to Kaufman in that both liked to celebrate failure and B-level celebrity. Both also are/were into TM and are from Nassau County , Long Island , NY , with Jewish ancestry. The guy who played the manager in �Private Parts� also was Andy�s bud in �Man on the Moon.� I think both movies were directed by the same people. Stern also wrestled women in the early �80s. They shared a love of hookers. Stern also admitted to having had plastic surgery today. I know this would be the ultimate conspiracy theory, but say Andy took the radio personality of a little known DJ at the time and turned him into a star? What then would have happened to the old Howard Stern? Maybe he was the one dying of cancer? Or maybe he wasn�t doing so hot anyway and just left the scene. This is wild speculation, but has anyone tied these two people together before?

The character Andy Kaufman participated in changing the definition of entertainment. The character Howard Stern participated in changing the definition of entertainment. Force is measured by an opposing force. The opponent of the character Andy Kaufman weakened as it's audiences turned from "unsuspecting" to "expecting". The opponent of the character Howard Stern weakened as it's audiences turned from "unsuspecting" to "expecting". The character Andy Kaufman severed it's ties with it's weakened opposing force in May of 1984. The character Howard Stern severed it's ties with it's weakened opposing force in December of 2005. In my opinion the character Howard Stern will now create it's opponent in racial matters, in legal matters, in political matters, and within the Sirius organization. In My opinion the character Andy Kaufman has a much greater opponent.


An email from Spence

Dear KING,

Hey there, I saw the film Man on the moon last night and absolutely loved it, I see myself as a bit of a comedian.. but i've never seen such a pioneering inspiration as Andy. I've also found your site fascinating, I'm reading all about him on various different websites.. and was suprised how authentic the film was. Especially the little ending, though slightly confusing. Thanks


An email from Brett

Dear KING,

Good day, I have a few queries for you. All of my questions pertain to the text on your website, www.andykaufmanlives.com. The text in particular that I will reference, is the text which cannot be seen at first glance, due to its extremely small (1 point) nature and the fact that the text color is the same as that of the background.



An email from Danny

Dear KING,

I was in regular email contact with you. Remember, I am a native American just like you? We talked of meeting for breakfast on Route 66 in Albuquerque? Then you abruptly stopped emailing me. You do not respond to any of my emails to the hotmail account you set up just for me. What did I do wrong? At least give me a response to that question please.

I rarely email anyone and I was certainly never in contact with you. If anyone ever claims to be a representative of me, KING, or this site ask them one simple favor. Ask them to post a small picture of a random object at the top of this page. Agree on something like a kitten or a dove. Then visit often to see the Truth. Do not allow your fear of being a fool make a fool of you.



An email from Mark

Dear KING,

My name is Mark and I,m from Scotland I am an a fan of Kauffman. Are you full of shit ? If not send me some proof!

The proof is in the fact that this has nothing to do with you.


Most do not realize there there are very few Actual Truths.

What most perceive to be truth is in all cases Majority Opinion.




An email from Sara

Dear KING,

You say there are very few Actual Truths. Can you please provide a list? Warmest regards

A list will be presented in an upcoming series of 8 films. For now here is one. Everything is perfect. Even death.



An email from Kara

Dear KING,

I don't really know much of anything about Andy Kaufman.  I just happened to have come across your site, but I have found it all very interesting.  To me it seems like the site could perhaps be a giant puzzle just waiting to be solved, or it is written in a way to give an air of mystery to it.  One question I had was concerning the picture.  You mentioned in a couple of places that "he gave it to you in October 2004."   First, who is the he?  Secondly, if you did in fact receive in 2004, why was there an email from 2000.  Or am I just missing something?  Anyway, when I came across this link, I thought you would perhaps enjoy it (just the first part of the story). http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060221/ap_on_re_us/record_jackpot  

(his link is to a story about Alan Abel)

Andy Kaufman. Things are not always placed chronologically. Sometimes it is in an order of importance.



An email from Serrina

I wrote to you before about how I am sorry people have been so negative on you. We are studied you in my English class at Dine' College in Shiprock, and I want to write my next essay on you and how the medias have forced you to the point where you might fake your own death. I think this is just like the Navajos in the long walk. Which is never really over right? Some of my friends in AZ (Apache) say that Geronimo faked his death to. Do you know about that? Anyways, I hope you write back this time. Laterz!

Blessed with the cleansing of story waters. capitalize on this. Now move forward very blessed. Know in a historical perspective this moment meant everything. Report back in the imagined future analyzing for everyone how this very, seemingly insignificant, moment changed you forever.



An email from d ds

i belive you that he lives but Where is he? and when is he coming back?

Lives is merely the title of the site. This is about him not dying. It is not about him living. He cannot comeback



An email from Darrin

Dear KING, Does heaven exist?

Of course. You are there.


An email from Lionel and Christ

Dear KING,

#1) Although you are KING I am incapable of comprehending it.
#2) I know (as we all do) that Andy didn't die. Lynne is selling a video on her site called Stormy Justice. The eyes give Mr. Clifton away.
#3) I suspect you wont print this, and if you do, you will try to tell me that the Tony Clifton is the same as Zmuda's. Look for yourself. Buy the Tony Clifton story, then buy Stormy Justice. I do Believe Andy is alive and well, not dead.
#4) I suspect you just dont get it, or you have WAY too much time on your hands.
#5) If anyone out there believes that all Andy does is sit in front of a COMPUTER all day making crap up, well you are probably right, but not this crap.
#6) I suspect he and Lynne are still together
#7) I suspect everyone is in on this
#8) I suspect Andy makes more money dead than alive
#9) I suspect he is having the time of his life reading the crap we write about him, trying to unravel his mystery
#10) It is 4:45 am, I am tired and cranky, so I will go to bed, goodnight Andy.

There is no such thing as right. There is no such thing as wrong. Therefore you are neither both or either.



An email from Jon

Dear KING,

When will we be happy, when we know Andy faked his death? Will that really change things for us? It will for me, and fuck, that's good enough. Keep up your good work. Something big should be done, I think. But I still don't know what. Times may not change. The only thing that changes for us is life. The way I loved my sister, and then married my cousin: this is life, and to hell with those who don't want to understand the concept of love and fighting and death.

Since the evangelistic debauchery of the mid eighties I have devoted all of my time creating The Book of Illusion. The Book of Illusion will reveal to you everything you need. The eight chapters of The Book of Illusion will impact the world in a more powerful way than all books previous combined. The film entitled Chapter 7, for example, will tell you of the prophet Andrew. A story of betrayal, family loyalty, and resurrection. The film entitled chapter 3 will reveal to you that the only time you can possibly be "happy" is now. This will only make sense when you fully realize there is nothing else but.


An email from Lawrence Cosentino

Dear KING,

Was the truth ever to be found in Lansing? Was it that bad here? You, and I, make our own truth, but is it life-affirming to encourage other people to believe things that aren't true? What do we have to do to get a fair hearing in this world? Must we prick the ear with the tiny needle of a surgical lie to make inject a larger truth? Just wondering.

The truth lies in The Book of Illusion

Chapter 1 is the film "Absolute Truth #1, There is no such thing as truth".

Chapter 2 is the film "Absolute Truth #2, (title withheld)"

Chapter 3 is the film "Absolute Truth #3, There is no such thing as time".

Chapter 4 is the film "Absolute Truth #4, Everything is perfect".

Chapter 5 is the film "Absolute Truth #5, There is no such thing as perfect".

Chapter 6 is the film "KING Reveals the Meaning of Life".

Chapter 7 is the film "The Death of Celebrity, The Immortality of Legend". 

Chapter 8 is the film "The Final Revelation".

Chapter 6 will be a one time only "pay to view" event. Chapter 6 will reveal the secrets of how to acquire the "DVD only" release of Chapter 7.

Chapter 7 will only be released on DVD. This is due to the fact that seven copies of the DVD will contain golden tickets. These Golden tickets will invite the 7 ticket bearers, along with 7 acquaintances, on a Caribbean cruise. On the island of Aruba the seven ticket bearers will attend a private screening of Chapter 8.

Chapter 8 is entitled "The Final Revelation". In chapter 8 KING will be revealed to the 7. 



An email from Dave

Dear KING,
You were funnier when you were pretend to be a Navajo. You never fooled any of us anyway, but your KING act is really falling flat. Maybe you should set your sights a little lower, like Elvis.
Better Luck Next Time,

I have always been KING. No matter what form I have taken or what label has been given me. From a famous entertainer to a writer living in a trailer among the Amish. I have always been KING.



An email from J.B.

Dear KING,

how can I buy a copy of your book? I'd really like to. How do I buy the The Book of Illusion? I believe what you said about it, let me know thanks.

The first frame of The Book of Illusion was shot on Thursday morning May 17 1984. The last frame has yet to be created.


An email from bigjoe67@mhcable.com

Dear KING,

Andy Kaufman is a stupid ASSCLOWN!!



An email from Alan

Dear KING,

      I have read all of the posts on your site.. Its funny how we are all alive and walk together amongst this Earth but we all see things different... If you and I were to walk down the street
side by side for 2 miles we both would see life completely different you would see things I wouldn't
see and I would see things you wouldn't see.. Our Life's Experience is always different. Out of the
Billions of people on Earth not 1 Person is the same Period.. That was a Mathematical Genus At Work !! This in turn keeps Life very interesting it would be a pity if we were all thinking alike or living
the same Life in fact it would be Boring. So what is Death and what is Life ? In Fact we only use 10% of our Brains and in this what we don't see our Brain will make up the rest, it will give us our Reality, I think God is closer to us than we would like to admit because we really don't know what is Right or Wrong except for what we have been told, and its very easy to Brain Wash anyone.. So what Is RIGHT and what is WRONG ? If we had Full use of Our Brains we would see The Real US, and we to would live Forever just out of shear Will Alone. When will God Give Us Our Full Will ? Is it that we Really Die or Just Transform into something else ? When Will Our Will Be To Live Forever ? Did Andy
Die at all? I remember the day the papers said Andy Died and I don't even remember him being sick, I thought it was a little strange because when you have Cancer it wont kill you right away, when the Media said he was dead I thought they jumped the gun, because you have to be sick before you die... As we can see Reality is just that Different for us all.. Did Andy Die ? Only Andy
knows for sure... I would like to be Rich and enjoy Life but My Brain has not made it happen as of yet. I would also like to know the Real Truth of Life and when will the World Growup into a more Loving Place because after all Love Is Life, and Life Is Love...

Everything is. There is no right there is no wrong there is no true there is no false and there are no facts. An infinite number of people lived and died exactly as they did. Everything is. There is no past there is no future. The past is a concept and the future is a concept. If you show a picture of a past event you are merely looking at an object in the now and visualizing an event in the now.


The above is only a pixilated representation of an event. This event is not stored in a warehouse waiting to be relived. This event does not exist in any form anywhere. The persons involved could form an image in their minds, a dreamlike visualization, and state what took place at that moment in the now. They would be doing this in the now. Not in an imagined past. Hitler lives in you. Jesus lives in you. Your pet lives in you. Your friends live in you and your enemies live in you. Hitler can never be anything to you but what is in you. Just as Andy Kaufman will always reside in you. There is no Andy Kaufman for you other than the Andy Kaufman that lives in you.

In the head of a clansman this man was rage. In his wife's head he was love. In his kids imagination he was a hero. To some a celebrity and to some he was to be feared. These are merely pixels yet this man now lives in you. None of which have anything to do with the bones lying in an unmarked grave. Everything is. I am text yet you see me in your head, I am KING.



AN email from SWCoulthurst

Who is God? What is God? Other than simply "I am KING", in a descriptive sense, who are you? Who am I? Do these questions represent any meaning? Are such answers possible? Surely that of yourself is. Your truth lives in you. Only you can know your truth. One's truth can be projected unto another being. What is your truth? Is it possible that your truth can be shared by another? It is possible.

Everything is possible. Because everything is yours. You create it. You define it. You give everything it's meaning. I am KING because I am KING.


An email from Louise

Dear KING,

Hello. I wanted to tell you something: if Andy is alive I think it's imperative that he comes back. That is, unless, of course, he can't & he'd get in trouble for it. If he'd get in any legal trouble I'd tell him to stay where he's safe and not even attempt to risk being caught. However, I think it would be great for AK to send a tape of himself to the News Stations--even if he doesn't come back--so his true fans will know he's actually alive. That's what I wanted to tell you. You may not be Andy, but you may know him, who knows. I for one know, this is on all of our minds. Thank you.

No one can get in trouble for something they did not do. No one can get in trouble for something they knew nothing about. There is only one on the death certificate that could be. You cannot expect a Tibetan monk to know of American media. You cannot expect the Amish of Goshen to know of the American media. You cannot expect the homeless to stay up on current events. You cannot expect Andy Kaufman to know he is alive.


An email from Sarah


Dear King, A king cannot be a king unless he is a king of SOMETHING. It's just the way it is. Still respectfully, Sara

I am not "a king". I am KING. I am a legendary Icon.



An email from Lenny and Christee

Since you changed to King, I will say, I concur, you ARE King, and I can comprehend it. Perhaps Andy can't come back, but perhaps we could see more of his protoge'.Mr. Clifton. See the way I, and alot of us Cliftonheads see it, Andy was only a Tony Clifton wannabe. Nothing more. He clearly used his name to get places, and pick up women. The real reason Andy faked his death is to get out of a major lawsuit. He collected insurance to pay Mr. Clifton not to ice him for real (Mr. Clifton knows people who could make it happen).

That's what I think.  

Your assertion that I "changed" to KING is a common human occurrence. When something that has existed for years is presented to you for the first time it is new. New to you. Although it is the "rolling out" process of a project that has existed for decades, it appears spontaneous and new to the individual who was not aware. You are now on the ground floor. The ground floor of something so inconceivably enormous



An email from Floyd

I don't know if anyone has thrown this theorum at your face yet but I have a funny feeling you might be Stephen King, the great American author. I of course also doubt my premonition but I know for certain you aren't Kaufman. But your philosophy is eternal. I have drawn very similar conclusions about life on Earth and the true values of "right" and "wrong". A friendly tip of the hat to whoever you are, mister. I'm only 19 years old and Andy has been the father, mother, brother, sister, and best friend that I never had since I was prepubescent. Even in those days I felt that Kaufman was still alive and those feelings have never left me. Anyway, good luck with your legacy. Sayonara.

Stephen King wrote the running man in 1982. Stephen Maddox was a character in the the running man in 1963. So this makes no sense.



an email from Sandra

Dear King, Does this mean you are not always KING? Sincerely, Sara

I have never been king. I am always KING.

When you divide a concept you name both sides. There would be no concept of up without the concept of down. The concept of true needs the concept of false. They are all concepts with labels. Concepts with man made rules and parameters. This is how language and labels create reality. This is why I do not speak. This is why I use an interpreter to create labels for concepts you may someday comprehend.


An email from Trent


Hi!  My name is Trent.  Upon doing my own research, I believe that Andy Kaufman faked his death.  I have been embroiled in this mystery for some time now, visiting your website from time to time.  While there lays the possibility that you are just a very clever person with a great interest in Andy Kaufman and an internet "hobby," I believe that you do have answers.  I would deeply appreciate it if you would share any of your knowledge with me.

In chapter 7 of "The Book of Illusion" entitled "The Death of Celebrity the Immortality of Legend" you will be shown exactly how it was done to the last detail. How a small group fooled the world with the power of a single statement.


An email from BS

Hey KING, When can we expect to see Death of Celebrity, Imortality of Legend? Yours BS

Following the release of chapter six and prior to the showing of chapter 8.



An email from Kara


No April Fool's Day hoax from you?

I am KING not king. You must confuse me with the Andrew of Canada.

As for a hoax I suggest you read page 106 of April's Esquire


From a transcription taken while speaking to a lawyer and his? personal secretary decades ago

"I want you to be in such a position that you can, if necessary, furnish the missing link which will connect me with my past life. But I don't want you to do it unless I give you permission and tell you to, or unless certain circumstances develop which will make it imperative that you do communicate with my parents"

This conversation took place prior to  Lynne Margulies calling Andy Kaufman's parents telling them of the "cancer" and asking them to fly out to California as soon as possible.



An email from Shaun Gibb

The Book of Illusion. I�d like to see it.

Watch. Watch the billboards. Watch the infomercials. Watch the want ads. Watch the internet. Watch and wait. Tell your friends to watch. Wait and watch. Watch and wait.



An email from Arron


I once saw the king (Elvis) in my hometown long after his death. None of my friends believe me. They all think I am a nut. Do you ever plan on doing a movie about Elvis faking his death? If so I would love to tell you my story.

A talented filmmaker named Adam Muskiewicz is doing that very thing. His film is called the Truth About Elvis. Visit him at  http://www.truthaboutelvis.com



An email from Matthew

Dear King,

first off, you must great having all these people call you king, that rules. I've been a Kaufman fan ever since I've seen Man on the Moon. Since thing I've studied the life of Andy and have done many projects on him. I've bought the books, I've seen the tapes, I've watched the movies. As I read the countless amount of email replies you get, two thoughts went into my head. And I'll be honest with you as I expect the same from anyone else in this world. I see you as either a fat loser sitting at his computer making up stories. Or I see you as a former Andy Kaufman. And what I mean by that is that you say Andy may not be alive, but he didn't die back in 1984. For all I know you are Kaufman but under a new life, a new persona. It's like a wrestling character, you see one guy as a blue chipper, that doesn't work out the next week he's a whole new character. Is that you? As well I couldn't think of a better time to promote my site. If you are king then why not check out www.masqueradefilmproductions.com I consider Andy an influence on my writing and film work. I must you've done one hell of a job of getting me thinking. One last question, do you know who Mr. X is?

I am not "called" king. I am KING. When a character becomes legendary then it is a legendary character. The concept becomes legendary. Barney Fife is legendary. Darth Vader is legendary. Mickey Mouse is legendary. I am not a character I am an Icon. I am KING. I am a legendary Icon.



An email from one of Andy's best friends

Dear KING, I have stayed up for hours tonight. I read and analyzed your page. May I begin by saying that I love Andy Kaufman. We all know that he was/is a genius, and he will forever be an icon. I am not sure if you created this site to explain how Andy did not die on that day, or to 'blog' your views on life and psychology. I think the point that you are trying to make is you should not believe everything you see, but also that you should. It is very very confusing to me-but then-what is confusion? I have so many thoughts right now and it is incredible. Stepping out of this focus on life, and looking at it from a closed-minded viewpoint, I want to ponder. I would rather talk about Andy than life for a while. To many people who have read this page, you may be a few things. You could be an insane person who sits at the computer all day. You could be an enlightened genius. You could be Andy. The possibilities are endless. I however do not think that you are Andy. Andy wouldn't use the computer to show his work to a limited audience. I may be wrong. But you could be a friend of Andy. Then again, you could be a 'wacko' out there somewhere. That last one to me however is somewhat doubtful. I have read places that your name is 'Steve Rocco'. This may not be true. I have also read that people have seen you, at a board meeting of some sort, and think that you are in fact Andy Kaufman. A problem with that though to me is that you sometimes refer to Andy as 'Andrew' and other things of that sort. If you are the kind of person that sees everything as nothing and so on and so forth, why would you even call him anything? But then again why would you no? And, why would you make this site? I'm sorry if I am babbling by now, but I just, like many out there, want the truth. I also do not know if you have made up some of these sources, such as this 'Jessica' or 'Patrick Grounding?. Andy has been a part of my life for years and years. Through the death of friends and separation of my parents, his art and genius has been there to guide me. He has taught me most of the things that you re-state in your page. Before I die, I feel as if I must have the truth. But then I ask myself - don't I already have the truth? This 'The Book Of Illusion' that you plan to release, it seems a bit strange. But I will look into it. I think that Andy or someone like him however would not invite only seven to see the truth; I think he would want the world to know. Please explain to me how I am wrong about that because I have a feeling I am and by now I am convinced if someone can explain, it is you, KING. There are many geniuses in this world and you are one. Please, tell us the real truth, if you know. Please if you can, respond with a common answer, not a psychological response. We all know that you are enlightened greatly that way. If you are going to reveal the truth, if you know it, please reveal it to all. I apologize for the length of this e-mail, but I felt that I had a lot to ask. I still feel I have more to ask, things that I can't even put into words right now. I will most likely write to you again. Thank you, (name withheld)

This may be difficult to understand. I am not in a position to share all. This is partially due to agreements made decades ago as well as in the past few years. A project of this size and scope requires the resources of many. These resources need assurances that their emotional as well as financial investments will be protected. The chosen 14  who witness the final revelation will be KING's disciples. They will be charged with the task of sharing with the world. Then you will know.



An email from DiaperGenie

Hello KING,

I wanted to say I have always loved your site. I do believe Andy Kaufman faked his death. I think that any true fan of Kaufman's real work (not Latka) has no choice but to believe it. It is a natural continuation of his art. It makes perfect sense. I also suspect that you are either Kaufman or are working on his behalf. I have noticed some shameless promotion going on lately so I thought I would give it a shot. If you do not print this I will understand. I think Kaufman fans and especially Alan Abel fans would love the movie we made a few years ago. It is called the Yes Men and you can learn all about it at   http://www.theyesmenmovie.com/    Thank You Very Much!



An email from Devan


a few posts back you said "the fourteen disciples". I thought there were only going to be seven golden tickets. You said each of the seven winners get to bring along seven friends and family. That would be forty nine friends and family plus the seven winners for a total of fifty six people. Do they each get to take one friend or family member with them to watch the final revelation?

No. The 7 winners will attend along with 7 members of KINGS Court. KINGS Court is a group of people who have demonstrated their dedication to the cause. These are individuals who work hard to promote KING's works. The seven will be taken from this group.


An email from Nathan

This site stinks. This is no tribute to Andy Kaufman. It is the exact opposite. It is ruining the memory of a great man and a great entertainer.

Who said this was a tribute site? Who said this was a fan site? This site is concerned with the fact that Andy Kaufman did not die on May 16, 1984. If you want a fan site you must continue your search. This is no more a fan site than an autopsy report is a fan letter.



An email from frjmb

First off, I will call you KING because everyone knows that Triple H is only the king of kings (basically that means that you are KING while Triple H is only a king. As I said before Triple H is the king of kings meaning his is only king  of something). Any-who, I just wanted to know if we are going to kill ourselves soon because I'm sick and tired of hearing about "truth this and truth that". The truth is that you can never shutdown your website anymore than you can shut down a legend or story. And the truth is that there is no truth, because inevitably you make your own truth.

You do not make truth because there is no truth. You make reality.



An email from April

Is that puzzle piece Homer's head? I think it just may be. Hope you're still writing. -Fan of your work, April