SCO Developer Specs

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SCO Developer Specifications


  • UDI (A Uniform Driver Interface)

System V Application Binary Interface

This document  updates only those sections that describe the 32 and 64 bit object models.

Fourth Edition Download PDF (756k) Download PS (1,090k)
Edition 4.1 Download PDF (826k) Download PS (1,167k)
Intel386™ Architecture Processor
Supplement Fourth Edition
Download PDF (1,042k) Download PS (1,298k)
MIPS® RISC Processor
Supplement 3rd Edition
Download PDF (480k)

System V Interface Definition Fourth Edition

Volume 1a Download PDF (2,210k)
Volume 1b Download PDF (360k)
Volume 2 Download PDF (1,350k)
Volume 3 Download PS (4,509k)

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